About Jenny Bergren

A California transplant, Jenny is a fitness and inspiration junkie. Weekdays she works as a commercial and retail designer, weekends she hits the trails- rain, shine, or snow. With a collegiate and post collegiate background in competitive running, long and explorative trail runs are firmly her highest exercise priority with backcountry powder skiing a close second. Off the mountain you can find her happily experimenting in the kitchen with her sous chef Stanley the Vizsla.

Dogs: The Next Best Workout Partner

A while back, we had a post by our bunny, Alex, who reminded us how amazing these furry beings are in “Dogs, Active Companions and a Girls’ Best Friend”. As a follow up, here are some ideas how to more thoroughly incorporate that furry friend in your daily routine. Let me remind you that dogs […]

Why Every Woman (and man) Should Take Probiotics

You’re probably thinking probiotics are just another daily vitamin or supplement added to the never ending pill mixology advertisements say you have to take. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret: it’s not just another pill. It’s much, much more! Without getting too far into gastrointestinal details, you should know that 70% […]

Be a Green Goddess

Now that spring has officially arrived, color palettes in clothing, food, and the landscapes around us are changing. The Pantone colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity and how wonderful they are; however, I’m not a fashion trend follower, so I’m going old school and going to talk about how great the color […]

5 Tips for the Form Seeking Runner

Photo by Rafael Diaz There are a few different philosophies on running. One philosophy places running on a pedestal and suggests it a necessity to living well and staying in great shape. Another suggests running is a tool for overall wellness and training but is great primarily in deliberate moderation. And yet another philosophy suggests […]

Best Winter Cleanses

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in the winter rut. You know, the one where it gets really cold, you don’t feel like exercising and all you crave is warm comfort food like pizza and creamy soup. Afterward, it feels like a wrecking ball landed on your lower stomach. Most cleanses become […]