Be a Green Goddess

whiteney outside
Now that spring has officially arrived, color palettes in clothing, food, and the landscapes around us are changing. The Pantone colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity and how wonderful they are; however, I’m not a fashion trend follower, so I’m going old school and going to talk about how great the color green is, and why you should surround yourself in it.

marlene earthing

Being “green” applies to all aspects in your life. At its fullest potential green brings awareness to your everyday activities and how you affect the environment around you. This is most commonly seen in sustainability efforts such as re-using shopping bags at the store, buying local, recycling, conserving energy at home, repurposing items, and even growing your own food.

Being “green” is very important to the longevity of Mother Earth, but for the sake of this article I want to direct your attention to a different kind of green: the color itself. It’s a bright, youthful, fresh, earthy color, no? I want to inspire, encourage and potentially challenge you vibrant, active readers to go explore and incorporate more green into your life with these following ideas.

Grassy Green Knoll
Challenge yourself to find a grassy green knoll. Remember LOTR where the hobbits live? Doesn’t it make your heart smile? It made mine grin from ear to ear and although I can’t afford a flight to New Zealand when I see a soft rolling green hill I’m inspired to get to the top to sit and look out for a long minute. If you succeed in finding a grassy knoll, maybe have a special picnic there. If you’re feeling especially bold try walking around barefoot in true hobbit fashion- something we call “earthing”, which is a movement based on the idea that walking barefoot can connect you to the Earth’s natural energy and therefore a foundation for vibrant health.


green hill

Paint Green
Paint a wall green. Or some trim. Or find a green painting at a yard sale and put it up. The color green has been proven to have healing properties- that’s why we see green in places of healing like spas and hospitals. It’s also closely associated with the earth through grass, new growth, spring, new life, energy, etc. you get the idea. By incorporating the color green into your surroundings you may be pleasantly surprised by a shift in your mood or feel uplifted.

Wear Green
So maybe you’re not blessed with red hair which makes green your natural perfect color match. The great thing about green is that there are so many shades and hues to choose from that can flatter different hair and skin types- and all of them are equally beautiful. Either way, put some green on whether it’s a flowy floral green dress, some green low top sneakers, a bright green shirt, lime green sports bra, or an emerald green pants. Whatever you choose, I dare you to be bold. You will be amazed at the response you get when you wear green, especially if your shirt is green and says “lettuce be friends” or “kale yeah!”.

green necklace

Grow Green
No, not that kind of green….
With spring marks the celebration of growth, and a change in seasons which also means it’s time to start planting. Gardens and general home care retail outlets have prepped for this influx of gardeners getting the garden ready for improvement from last year’s design, new raised planters, perennials, and veggies. There are fewer things in life more satisfying than a meal made with your own home-grown food. Not only are you saving money, destressing through the act of gardening, and eating food that has never seen the use of pesticides, but you are also eating greens (assuming lettuce and beans are on the planter box menu) which brings us to the next item of ‘greenliness’.

garden bed

Eat Green
Last but not least: eat more greens. Trust your parents when they say it’s good for you.  Aside from some salads made from your own garden another great way to get some good greens in your diet are green juice drinks. One of my favorites right now is the Bolthouse Farms “Green Goddess”. I’m pretty sure we as humans are meant to eat a diet that consists mainly of veggies (and some protein) so getting a dose of veggies not only aids in better, easier digestion but it makes you feel good. After all, you are what you eat!

Eat Greens

If after reading this you weren’t able to treat these suggestions as a challenge, I hope that at least this inspired you to find “lettuce be friends” or “kale yeah” propaganda. However if this did transpire a message, I wish all of you green gods and goddesses luck with your grassy knoll and veggies eating adventures.

About Jenny Bergren

A California transplant, Jenny is a fitness and inspiration junkie. Weekdays she works as a commercial and retail designer, weekends she hits the trails- rain, shine, or snow. With a collegiate and post collegiate background in competitive running, long and explorative trail runs are firmly her highest exercise priority with backcountry powder skiing a close second. Off the mountain you can find her happily experimenting in the kitchen with her sous chef Stanley the Vizsla.