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8 Reasons Every Girl Should Try Rock Climbing

It’s summer, and you are probably thinking about getting in better shape, having fun with friends, switching things up and trying new things. Though there’s a lot asking for your attention during the summer months, one activity that combines all of these things is rock climbing! We urge you to put it high on your […]

3 Things to Know about Getting Scuba Certified

Depending on your personality, the thought of scuba diving either excites or terrifies you. Or, if you are anything like this Snow Bunny, the financial investment of getting certified is cause for concern. No matter what feeling may cross your mind, becoming a diver (in its many capacities) is definitely something to consider. Scuba diving […]

Snorkeling for the Body and Soul

This past March I had the opportunity to travel to the US Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean.  Talk about a gorgeous environment!  The pretty turquoise water of St. John was so clear you could see very clearly to a depth of twelve feet. An hour in the water swimming with schools of fish, sting rays, […]

Indoor Rock Climbing for a Fit Body

If you don’t have time in your day to travel to your favorite mountain to shred during this winter season, then we have an idea for you: check out your local indoor rock climbing facility. Do you want a change from the crowded and stuffy gym setting, while achieving a good workout that will make […]

Fall in Love With The Outdoors

As the weather cools and the leaves change, daytime hikes can leave you with a new appreciation of the season. The brisk air and the colorful trees can not only brighten your day and refresh your soul, but enhance your health as well. Living close to trails or foothills can make your hike amazing, but […]