emPOWDERing Women

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Andrea Saterbak, Orthopedic Ski Doc

It’s not often you find a woman that can ski down a mountain of sheer ice with a vertical drop of 3,937 feet, carrying a 70lb medical bag to assess an injured U.S. Ski Team racer.  Andrea Saterbak is by all definitions a #momboss! She’s a highly driven, fierce, and ambitious Orthopedic Surgeon, practicing in […]

Gracie Cole: Unicycles, States on Skates and Living with Purpose

When Gracie Cole decides to take on a new challenge, she doesn’t mess around.  Where most people start small and build their way to greater goals, Cole is the type to dive head first into an Iron Man race, with no other races under her belt.  Motivated by the motto, “I want to live longer […]

Monica Stamper and Dresstravaganza

   Monica has the help of many dedicated individuals.  Here she is standing at the Dresstravaganza check out counter with volunteer coordinator, Amanda Bashista. When you meet Monica Stamper, there is no doubt that there is something special going on behind her sparkling eyes.  She is relaxed and poised, with a smile that says, “Come […]

Kim Constantinesco on Transforming Sports Media

   Athletes stand out in our minds, and are portrayed in our media, as super-humans, created differently that the average Jane or Joe.  They achieve amazing feats of physical aptitude, and are compensated generously for sharing their talents with the world.  Every so often we hear a story about a professional athlete who making efforts […]

Beauty, Brains & Badass: Miss Wyoming’s Amy David

When Amy David isn’t wining beauty pageants you can find her on the slopes of her favorite mountain, Jackson Hole or Alta. This down to earth beauty queen not only bakes her own bread, kills it on skis but is a science buff as well. Amy David granted Snow Bunny Magazine some time for a […]