emPOWDERing Women

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You Are Brave, Mothers

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘brave’ as “having or showing courage; feeling or showing no fear; excellent; splendid.” This Mother’s Day, we’re redefining the word ‘brave,’ as we look into the multiple facets of motherhood. Mothers are known for their sacrifice, nurturing, and their ability to multi-task, but it is their bravery that allows them to […]

Total Knockout

The first known use of the term “badass” was in 1955. According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, the word badass is an adjective with 2 meanings. 1- likely to cause trouble: tough and dangerous and 2- very skillful or impressive. With this definition in hand, the only way to truly describe Beth Bechtel is…BADASS. If I […]

Beating Cancer

Sara Jo John is beautiful, unassuming, soft-spoken woman. Just looking at her, you would never guess the underlying strength and survivor’s instinct that drives her. The only physical evidence of her battle from long ago is a scar on her right forearm. When you see it, you know that this woman has a story unlike […]