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10 Easy Easy Steps to Fall in Love…With Yourself!

We’ve all heard the advice, that in order to find true love, you must first learn to love yourself.  This time of year, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you would think we would all be upping the ante on how much self-love we are practicing.  However, I don’t think it works like this.  Instead, single […]

Tips and 8 Essentials for Winter Driving

Driving in winter’s harsh conditions can be hazardous, especially for those of us that love to shred the freshies on a weekly basis.  Investigating the weather and road conditions from your favorite app isn’t always accurate, and even with a promising forecast these conditions can change the game at any moment.  Preparation for the worst […]

Kaia F.I.T.

Contact Boise Kaia Fit About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine in Lake Tahoe told me about this great new workout she had discovered. Every time I talked to her it was “Kaia this and Kaia that”, what could possibly be so great I thought? This particular friend was no […]

The Importance of Proper Hydration for Healthy Skin

The importance of proper hydration for healthy skin, hair and nails is as basic a need as protecting our skin from environmental damage. Our skin is exposed to a vast array of harmful influences on a daily basis; smog, ozone, dry air, and UV rays. These harmful influences attack the skin’s unprotected surface, and daily […]

There’s An App For That

  You hear it daily, “There’s an app for that.” Well, when it comes to helping you out with your health and fitness, there are  multiple apps for that! So how does one decide which ones are the best?  It depends on what you need and want.  I listed five of my favorite apps to […]