Dogs – Active Companions and Girl’s Best Friend

A dog has, for as long as I can remember, been referred to as “Man’s Best Friend”.  I beg to differ. I believe in this day and age, a dog is a “Woman’s Best Friend”.  As the 20th and the 21st centuries have evolved and woman have become much more independent, we have started to rely on the love and companionship of dogs.  To add credence to this new way of life, a few live by the anonymous quote, “Whomever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.”an image of snow bunny, girls, dogs, outdoors, health, wellness, snowbunnymag

Recently, my own dog suffered a health crisis and almost had to be sent over the Rainbow Bridge, but thank the good Lord, he is a fighter and survived. This got me thinking. How would my life be without these amazing, compassionate, loyal, all-forgiving, and funny four-legged creatures?  I can say for sure, my life would definitely be deficient. My heart would not be able to love people the way I do now. I had to know true love from a dog before I could know true love from a man. My handsome and loving Labradors have taught me how to treat people.  Love all people; just be wary of the crazy ones!

As an independent female, I believe that having a dog allows us to remain strong in our independence and feel protected. There is something about coming home to a house that is not empty, but instead, filled with unconditional love and someone who is always incredibly excited that you are their human and you are home.  I know the second my boys (dogs) know they get to hop in the Jeep for a road trip is like a day that someone finds out they one the lottery. Nothing but pure joy!  And that lights my heart up.

I took to social media to ask my girlfriends to explain their love and the bond they share with their pups and the activities they enjoy doing together.

Lindsay and Spidey8997_1383510841957476_2596986803504806681_n

“O man, where do I start!? I’m obsessed with my man Spidey! He even has his own hashtag! #spoiledspidey. He’s gorgeous. We take him everywhere: camping, boating, hiking, road trips, etc! He JUST started liking the water but he loves camping and you should see him on the boat! He loves the fresh air! Ears flying in the wind! When I take him to Tablerock he hikes it himself, but never let’s me out of his sight. He follows me everywhere and Brandon (my fiancé) always says, “I told him to be your protector.” He is originally Brandon’s dog but he has loves me so much since I came into his life! I can’t even get up and use the bathroom at 4am without him following me and waiting for me at the door. He is the sweetest! So well behaved! He loves his friends too!”

Brooklyne and Pumpkinan image dog, nap, girls, outdoors, health, fitness, snow bunny, snowbunny

“I think God wanted to give us an example of how He loves us! Pumpkin loves just being in my presence. She’s loves me like I am the only person in the world. She misses me when I’m gone, is always so excited to see me, stays near to me always, is such a little lover (kisses and cuddling galore). She’s my biggest fan! I love taking her to the beach, letting her off of her leash, and she chases me around where the water meets the sand.  It’s a game that she absolutely loves!  And coming home to house of love like that every single day is so amazing. She is such a blessing! Sometimes I think, ‘would I be really depressed with out her? Lonely? How can people live without this unconditional love every single day?’ Sounds awful!”

Emily and Lexi10420164_1383511748624052_1553385327797441206_n

“Most of my adult life has included my 15-year-old best friend.  Life is always changing: different jobs, moving, boyfriends and a husband; but one thing has always been consistent: my little stubborn schnauzer.  She’s has an amazing life, camping, riding bikes, hiking, backpacking and has even become a pro paddle board rider.  As she’s aged she is not as mobile as she used to be but we still find a way to take her everywhere we go.  She brings me joy and laughter every day and I’m so grateful to be her human.”

10933697_1383511948624032_1412500076953193386_nHeather and Jasmine

“So my girl Jasmine aka Jazzy and I have quite a story. I rescued this little Jack Russell/Chihuahua on December 24th, 2012. That next February all hell completely broke loose in my life and in a very bad way. She was still wounded from her time on the streets and being kicked at by men before she hit the streets; I was in bad shape myself. We got through the year together and came out stronger than ever, my mom even discovered a heart on her side that April. She clearly rescued ME. I admire this dog more than many people, she’s an over-comer, no longer fears anything and is full of personality and adventure. God could not have paired us better; she loves hiking the mountains as much as I do. She snowshoes, camps, goes fishing, and joins me on weekend trips. I can never tell who is happier. I definitely plan my events and workouts around her. She keeps me accountable, so working her out tends to be a second workout for me. We have our own language to let me know when she needs water or if she needs to warm up a bit. I even have her putting her keen senses to work so she took a couple of us back to a parking lot when we weren’t sure which direction it was. This little girl took us over a huge snowdrift and I couldn’t pick her up since I had poles and was trying to balance, so she would dig her paws in and as she’d start to sink a bit she’d heave herself through the snow like a snow dog, except she’s 11 lbs! Lol! She’s truly my BFF and is like another limb. I’d be lost without her spunky little self around.”

Mary and Bellahiking, dogs, waterfalls, snow bunny, snowbunnymag

“Bella has been my steady constant for 13 years. We’ve grown up together, she has been by my side through it all. She is my Furry Therapy. I’m never lonely as long as my bestie is by my side smiling and enjoying life!”

Anne and Charlie

“My Charlie baby aka ‘wiggle butt’ is the light of my life! He has made me smile and laugh every day for the last seven years. Even on my worst days, just looking at him makes my heart bigger! We love camping, going on walks, going to the dog park, and our favorite is cuddling! I love my baby so much; my life would not be complete without him!”

Robin and Baileyan image of dogs, cuddling, love, puppies, snow bunny, snowbunnymag

“I have always liked the quotes, ‘Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog.’ and ‘They might only be here for a part of your life, but for them, you are their whole life.’
Every day, when I get home from work, after her excitement has faded, she just wants to hold me for a little while. She puts her face up against my arm and her arm over mine and we just lay there.”

Dasha and Jade10940581_1383512065290687_2596543004231465643_n

“I love my dogs so much! This is a photo of my 5 year old Labrador/Australian Shepard mix female Jade and I during my wedding weekend and she was my flower girl! Best friend & loyal companion does not even begin to cover it! Our dogs rule ours lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We try to include them in as many of our activities as possible and once drove 12 hours to the Oregon Coast just so they could experience the ocean! Every day is an adventure with them & they are our furry babies!”

Melanie and Dexteran image of Melanie Ahrens, Hyndman Peak, Idaho, 12ers, Dog, hiking, snow bunny, snowbunnymag

“My ladies man Dexter was a rescue from the pound, but he kind of rescued me. He got me out walking and hiking even when I didn’t really want to. Being a border collie he had so much energy so the hikes kept getting longer and longer and I became hooked. This is Dexter on his first 12k peak and he still had energy. Not to mention he is a man magnet. He’s the world’s greatest dog, at least to me. When I’m sad he cuddles and when I’m angry he hides. He hogs the bed and snores, but no matter what I always come home to a wagging tail and a doggy smile.”

Angie and Chance 10409197_1383511845290709_5906114992904652350_n

“I rescued Chance when he was 6 months old from the humane society. My pup helped me through my divorce and he can’t stand my ex! How’s that for loyalty! He’s a black lab that loves to snuggle. He absolutely lives for swimming, hiking in the foothills and snowshoeing! He really rescued me!”

As you can tell by the stories, we are in a new day in age when dogs are loyal companions to not just men, but to women as well.  The love is real!

About Alexandria White

I am a personal trainer/ exercise physiotherapist in Boise, Idaho that truly loves to help people! I have a BS Degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology and I am NASM certified personal trainer. I specialize in pain management, sport specific training and weight management. I have education and experience in every aspect of training, which allows me to help any person who wants to see and feel a positive change in their life. I truly have a servant's heart and I want to guide a client to live the BEST, live the healthiest, live the fittest and live a pain free lifestyle possible! I believe life really is about balance and it’s not cliché to say so. My goal is to inspire you to pursue the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and to utilize fitness as a way of life and not something you have to do. Making changes are not easy, but that’s why I am here to provide you with knowledge, moral support and encouragement along the way to get the life you want, need and deserve!