5 Tips for the Form Seeking Runner

Photo by Rafael Diaz There are a few different philosophies on running. One philosophy places running on a pedestal and suggests it a necessity to living well and staying in great shape. Another suggests running is a tool for overall wellness and training but is great primarily in deliberate moderation. And yet another philosophy suggests […]

There’s An App For That

  You hear it daily, “There’s an app for that.” Well, when it comes to helping you out with your health and fitness, there are  multiple apps for that! So how does one decide which ones are the best?  It depends on what you need and want.  I listed five of my favorite apps to […]

5 Tips For Healthy Goal Setting

It is a New Year!  It is not too late to set goals that will better your health and lifestyle in 2014. Here are 5 tips to help you break free from procrastination and make it happen.  # 1 – Know Why You Want It If you don’t understand the underlying reason you want to […]

Beating Cancer

Sara Jo John is beautiful, unassuming, soft-spoken woman. Just looking at her, you would never guess the underlying strength and survivor’s instinct that drives her. The only physical evidence of her battle from long ago is a scar on her right forearm. When you see it, you know that this woman has a story unlike […]