5 Tips for the Form Seeking Runner

Photo by Rafael Diaz There are a few different philosophies on running. One philosophy places running on a pedestal and suggests it a necessity to living well and staying in great shape. Another suggests running is a tool for overall wellness and training but is great primarily in deliberate moderation. And yet another philosophy suggests […]

5 Tips For Healthy Goal Setting

It is a New Year!  It is not too late to set goals that will better your health and lifestyle in 2014. Here are 5 tips to help you break free from procrastination and make it happen.  # 1 – Know Why You Want It If you don’t understand the underlying reason you want to […]

Surviving Thanksgiving

We all agree that Thanksgiving is not only filled with blessings! But did you know it is also filled with numbers? Numbers in calories, numbers in fats, numbers in carbohydrates, and numbers in protein. 3500 Kcals (calories) = 1lb of Fat. If you want to lose 1lb per week, then you need to decrease your […]

Tricks or Treats? You Decide!

Just the word “Halloween” can cause any Bunny’s blood sugar to rise.  Most people can avoid eating junk food when it is not around, but Halloween is a holiday that has a tendency to stick around for months!   Whether you have kids of your own, a big extended family, or neighborhood children,  there is an […]