What would we do without the valuable men in our lives?

Steffani Smith husband and daughterThere’s a saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, meaning, it takes community, investment and diversity to really help create a well-rounded citizen. Now, we understand that every family’s circumstances are different and some may not have access to many people or resources when it comes to raising their children. Yet, we want to take a pause and focus on an important factor in raising young women. Here at SBM we focus a lot on women and aim to highlight those who are doing a bang up job in their careers, hobbies and lifestyles. This time, we want to take the time to highlight those whose importance is monumental in the lives of young women. Those special people are the positive male role models in our lives.

Danika Friedley's daughterMen, you may be surprised to hear, but your influence in our lives is of the utmost importance, especially as we grow into adults. You help set the stage in how we interact in our relationships, in particular, how we interact within romantic relationships. According to an article in Psychology Today, “our first attachment patterns shape our expectations for future attachments…Our parents shape and color the lens through which we see and organize meaning about other human interactions. So a woman’s early relationship with dad (or male figure), who is usually the first male object of her love, shapes her conscious and unconscious perceptions of what she can expect and what is acceptable in a romantic partner.” One of the most important decisions in one’s life, is the decision of who they will spend their life with and believe it or not, dads/men, your influence on us can help guide that decision. Other studies have shown that the role of the father or male role model can also significantly shape a woman’s perception of herself, amongst other factors.

Misty Broesicke daughterIn an episode of the show, “Brain Games,” they posed the question, “how does one determine the value of something without comparing it to something else?” Here’s the thing, many women are masters of comparison. We are constantly measuring ourselves against others and to other women in particular. Not that we need a man to define our worth per se, but sometimes we need an outside perspective to help remind us that our value does not come from comparison.

This Father’s Day, we wanted to thank the men in our life for stepping up and shaping our lives. Just because our chromosomes don’t match, doesn’t mean we don’t have a need for each other. Some of the men in our lives, here at SBM, fostered our love for the outdoors, taught us that we could do anything and reminded us that we are worth more than smooth talk from silver tongues. Thank you dads, grandpas, uncles, boyfriends, husbands for loving us and encouraging our passions. It means the world to us! Josh Davis with daughter at Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

About Brittany Roper

Brittany Roper has a B.A. degree in History from Boise State University. She is passionate about women’s issues and sports. She is an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, who has worked to build a strong female snow community through events centered on women riding and competing together in order to develop healthy relationships. She believes women are NOT a problem but a solution.