What’s your snow story?

Every snow lover has a story. It begins the moment you realize carving on the snow will be a part of your life forever. That moment creates your story, it lights up your soul, and it likely drives the decisions you make for the rest of your life. Whether you ride or ski, carving on the snow becomes a passion that drives your lifestyle.an image of corduroy snow

Think about it. We are the sum of the five people we hang out with. If you are a snow lover, I’m going to guess your five core friends love to carve it up just as much as you do! Where do you live? Do you choose to live near the closest mountain/local ski hill? When choosing a college, did you take into consideration where you’d be able to shred it up on your study break? Perhaps you work at a ski resort just so you can hit up those first tracks.

Where did your love for carving begin? How has it transformed your lifestyle?

For me, it was a 6th grade field trip to our local ski area. I had NO idea how to ski, but a boy I liked did. So, I did what any normal 12 year old would do…I begged my parents for ski lessons before the field trip. After all, what girl wants to look like an idiot in front of the boys? It didn’t take me long to catch on and when my parents came to pick me up from my first day on the hill, I did not want to leave. Little did I realize that field trip would lead to years of carving it up with the boys.

an image Angela Raven wearing HestraSkiing for fun wasn’t enough. My competitive side showed, and so I dove into Alpine racing; the cost of the sport led me to becoming an instructor, and eventually I chose my college based on the nearest ski hill. I wouldn’t even consider marrying a guy that didn’t ski. When it came time to having kids, I knew they’d be in ski boots before the age of 2. After all, if you can walk, you can ski! Most of my life decisions have revolved around wanting the freedom to ski. Now 38, married with kids, a home near our local ski area, and a career as a high school teacher, I sit in my classroom, and I wish that teachers had winter off instead of summers. Work truly gets in the way of my desired ski schedule. I can’t possibly be alone when I say most days I feel trapped in the hamster wheel of work. Life is going way to fast, and I can’t help but wonder: “What if I took my life in a new direction? What if I started a new story”? The desire to carve up fresh snow more often pushes these questions into my mind and heart. What snow lover doesn’t want more time to travel and ski with their family?

Every winter is a new chapter for you to add to your story just like it is for me. If the feeling of the cool air on your cheeks, the sound of the crisp snow crunching as you carve each turn brings a smile to your face, you need to spend more days on the hill than you do in an office. At what point do you stop dreaming and reading about other people’s stories and adventures, and start creating or recreating your own?

an image of carve marks on snow