Why Every Woman (and man) Should Take Probiotics


You’re probably thinking probiotics are just another daily vitamin or supplement added to the never ending pill mixology advertisements say you have to take. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret: it’s not just another pill. It’s much, much more!

Dr. Axe Health Begins in the Gut

Without getting too far into gastrointestinal details, you should know that 70% of the population has an candida overgrowth (bodyecology.com). What is that you say? Well, I’ll tell you that it’s a systemic fungal infection.  Candida overgrowth occurs when the naturally occurring bacteria in your belly experiences an overgrowth. This imbalance can erupt from a variety of reasons- a few of which being an imbalanced diet that is composed mostly of carbs and sugar, if you’ve had antibiotics and what your parent’s gut microbiome is like. Probiotics play a major role in balancing your microbiome so candida overgrowth doesn’t blow out of proportion.  They also aid in boosting the immune system, can prevent food poisoning and can mellow the effects of the common cold or flu.

Symptoms of candidiasis range across the board, but the most common symptoms include brain fog, chronic fatigue,  yeast infections (for women), whiteness on the tongue and sometimes escalates to itching on the skin. If you think you’re experiencing any of these symptoms definitely consult with your doctor! For more detailed information, please visit bodyecology.com.

On a lighter note, here are five reasons to get on the pro-bio train:

  1. Immunity boost:  Did you know 80% of your immunity is in your gut? Yup. Pretty fascinating- which is why it is really important to support that part of your body (more details here). After all, beauty begins on the inside!
  2. They can heal inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and other… ahem… issues. You know who you are- and good news!  There’s a solution!
  3. Improves digestive function. Let’s say you had a party last night and had everything but a kale salad for dinner. Probiotics will help break down and discard all that nasty stuff that could otherwise be more harmful.
  4. More energy. Probiotics will increase the production of B12 which, in turn, affects many functions and process related to energy levels (source).
  5. Lactose intolerant no-more. What’s that you say? You can say ‘hello, come on in!‘ again to dairy products thanks to probiotics. Probiotics aid in increasing the health of your gut, which means your gut can naturally produce more of the enzyme called “lactase” that breaks down dairy products so you can eat and digest them with ease (source).


Dr. Axe probiotic health beenfits

Now you have an introduction on this teeny tiny organism that can literally boost your life quality x1000! Get on out there and start on your own probiotic regima! I must caution you though, before you do, make sure you get high quality ones. Many aren’t packaged correctly and therefore aren’t as strong (or alive) as you need them to be. So when you do your shopping, make sure they are in dark glass bottles and arrive in a cold pack or are purchased in the refrigerated section in the store. For more helpful information on how find a probiotic supplement, please look around Dr. Axe’s site. He has laid out everything you need to know here.
Good luck on your gut health journey!

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