3rd Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam


Mamma Jamma Chana Wojahn

Article Photos by Daria Applegarth. Slide Show Photos by Andrew Marosvari.

Sunday, January 24th marked the 3rd Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam at Gateway Parks in Eagle, Idaho. Girls packed in to shake off fears and show off their tricks. The uniqueness of this event is evident in how competitors work together to encourage one another. For many freestyle events, it comes and goes, some people win and take home some rad prizes and then it’s forgotten about. The Mamma Jamma is different; it’s an event that women anticipate each year because it provides women an outlet to meet other women who share in their passions. The Mamma Jamma honors women where they are at and it combines a wide range of skill levels and ages. In year’s past, we have had 6/7-year-olds competing alongside girls in their mid-to-late twenties. Freestyle skier and three-time Mamma Jamma 1st place recipient, Allysity Albrecht tells us, “I hope this event continues year-after-year. It’s the only event that I really look forward to every year.” She’s not the only one who has expressed her love for this event and we believe this love will continue as the Mamma Jamma grows. So why is the Mamma Jamma that important?

Chuckie Carbone Mamma JammaThe Mamma Jamma is important because women’s freestyle is important. For every person who makes a comment about how women are not at the same level as men in skiing or snowboarding is all the reason an event like this is important. For some reason, the idea of competing comes with it an expectation that the competitors should be at a certain level – which makes sense, we get it. But one thing we have learned through experience is that you get better by trying. Why is it that many women progress so rapidly in freestyle when they are together? Because the expectation is to have fun, learn and build off one another. When women feel they need to be at a certain level just to compete, many never seek the opportunity or feel good enough. The Mamma Jamma says YOU ARE good enough and we’ve seen progress from each of our reoccurring competitors year-after-year. Now, our setup may seem more austere than that of what you would see at the X-Games but that’s not our goal or purpose. Our purpose is to build up confidence and create an environment for women to feel good enough to try. The X-Games and other big contest series are awesome and there are some amazing women paving the way for women’s freestyle, but we’ve all got to start somewhere and we believe that you don’t have to be at the top to win top prizes. Honor and celebrate women where they are – that’s our mission with the Mamma Jamma and that’s what we hope to maintain.

Les Bois Junior High volunteers at Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who year-after-year have blessed and encouraged our ladies. We wish you could see some of their reactions when they see what they are getting because of YOU! Special thank you to all the ladies at Snow Bunny Mag, Gateway Parks, Dylan Sifford, K2, Faction, Dinosaurs Will Die, The Board Room, Ecolounge, Proof Eyewear, Deft Optics, UNHLY, Prestige, Bear Valley Rafting, A-Train Fitness, Holly Bussmuss, Daria Applegarth, SkySnap LLC, KIVI-TV Channel 6 News, Les Bois Junior High, YoBeat, and every person who has supported this event. Watch the full edit from the edit here, filmed by SkySnap LLC.

1st – Chuckie Carbone
2nd – Dylan Sifford
3rd – Chana Wojahn

Mamma Jamma advanced snowboard

Beginner Board:
1st – Camille Lovitt
2nd – Michelle McCowin
3rd – Ali Kienlen

Mamma Jamma Snowboard

Beginner Ski:
1st – Hailey Brookins

Advanced Ski:
1st – Allysity Albrecht

Skier winner at Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

About Brittany Roper

Brittany Roper has a B.A. degree in History from Boise State University. She is passionate about women’s issues and sports. She is an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, who has worked to build a strong female snow community through events centered on women riding and competing together in order to develop healthy relationships. She believes women are NOT a problem but a solution.


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