The Great Expectations of Closing Days

Inevitably, by now, the snow season is over for most of us. As lift chairs swing idly in the breeze and the spring sun turns the snow into runoffs for rivers and streams, we shed a tear over the fact that winter is officially over. Of course, Mt Hood will remain strong and the southern […]

One Bad Mamma Jamma

In a world dominated by competitiveness and comparison, it is easy to look at all the ways we as women do not measure up. Women can be notoriously guilty of these two silent dividers and so often, we look at other women as the problem instead of the solution. Does the phrase “I’d rather hang […]

Let’s Make It Equal

Whenever an issue arises, a problem that exists within that issue is how to effectively expose it without sounding victimized. The issue we want to address is the disparity between men and women’s prizes in local freestyle competition. This is no new problem; in fact, it has been something women in action sports have been […]

Big Things In Little Ski Hill

For the people who believe you need big flashy resorts and massive snowmaking to be progressive in freestyle snowboarding and skiing, think again. The folks at Little Ski Hill in McCall, Idaho have undermined preconceptions, and have broken the mold when it comes to progress. What they lack in ostentatious appearance, they more than make up for […]

A Little Ski Hill Changes the Scene in a Big Way!

Two miles west of downtown McCall rests a small ski resort known as Little Ski Hill.  First popping up in 1937 along Idaho’s Hwy 55, LSH has been a staple for McCall’s skiers and riders.  Most people pass by as they head over to McCall’s bigger resort, Brundage Mountain, with its high-speed quads, killer steeps […]

The How-To’s of Destroying Snow Recreation

Often people love to take a good thing and exploit the crap out it. A few examples of this may be, but are not limited to: weddings, higher education, Christmas, Disney child stars and recreational sports. There is nothing like taking individual passions and figuring out a way to get a piece of the proverbial […]

Idaho Women’s Snowboard Culture

  Let us be honest, our culture loves to encourage us to divide ourselves against each other. Nothing sells more than controversy or competitiveness against one another. Truth be told, how can anything prosper if it is divided against itself? How can women rise up when in a constant battle of comparison? Community is the […]