4th Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

Mamma Jamma 2017

Last Sunday, we wrapped up our 4th Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam at Bogus Basin. It is crazy to think that we are in our 4th year of putting this event on for our local women. We know that events such as these exist in the snow community but there is a uniqueness with the […]

The Second Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

an image of Bogus Basin, mamma Jamma rail jam, rail jam, snow board, ski

 Photos by Daria Applegarth Last Sunday, March 8th kicked off our 2nd Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam on International Women’s Day. Sixteen girls, ranging in ages between 7 and 27, came to compete in our beginner and advanced ski and snowboard categories. The sun was beating down on the snow as the girls hiked up […]

Sunset Hike to Stack Rock

A fallen log made a great photo op for our girls! On Friday, May 16, we got the girls out – fifteen of them to be exact!  Our mission was simple: hike out to Stack Rock in the Boise Foothills, watch the sunset, and cruise back with headlamps – all while making new friends, and […]

Vertical Girl Fallon Rowe

an image of a Fallon Rowe bouldering at Tablerock in Boise Idaho. Girls love to climb!

At 17 years old, Fallon Rowe is like most other girls her age; getting ready to graduate high school, recently attending prom, and doing the normal teenage thing.  However, Fallon’s teenage years have included more than the typical high school experience.  The youngest of four sisters, Fallon is the subject of an upcoming documentary covering […]

Let’s Make It Equal

Dylan Sifford

Whenever an issue arises, a problem that exists within that issue is how to effectively expose it without sounding victimized. The issue we want to address is the disparity between men and women’s prizes in local freestyle competition. This is no new problem; in fact, it has been something women in action sports have been […]

The Road to Recovery

Alexi Micinski in the gym

After tearing my ACL and both sides of my meniscus, I am currently five weeks out from surgery and on the road to recovery. This is definately one of the most challenging obstacles I’ve had to face in my skiing career, and possibly my life. The first few weeks were both physically and mentally challenging. […]

Olympic Qualifiers

Alexi Micinski during interview

  The past two weeks kicked off the competition scene for the season. I got to compete in the first two olympic qualifying events, Dew Tour and the Copper Grand Prix. The events were challenging both physically and mentally. I had a lot of fun, got to hit some sweet features, and pushed myself to […]