CDI Memorial 2016: Bringing the heat

CDI Memorial mountain goat Josh DavisPhotos by Joshua Davis

We don’t know about you, but it never gets old telling people that you’re going snowboarding well after the local resorts have closed. That look of pure bewilderment when they’ve assumed people have traded in their boards for summertime recreation toys is pure joy. We can assure you that the snow is still plentiful if you know where to go. This late spring shred has been going on for over decade and has taken shape in the form of a quarterpipe. The landscape has created a natural quarterpipe but it needs to be handcrafted and fine-tuned by the hands of diggers, along with a drop in ramp that seems to defy gravity. A lot of sweat, sunscreen and booze goes into the building process and we sure are thankful to those that tough it out.

Loren Exon CDI MemorialRider: Loren Exon

This year’s CDI Memorial went off, as per usual, and the magic keeps happening. Last year, we were all graced with a double rainbow sighting that would bring the Yosemitebear guy back to tears. This year, however, we were given the unique opportunity of witnessing a majestic mountain goat. It didn’t seem bothered by our shenanigans and in fact, showed up a second time. Next year, who knows what will transpire. Guess you’ll have to show up to find out. This year was also one of CDI’s hottest, and we mean that as a double entendre. The temps were high and those who forgot to layer on the sunscreen quickly realized what a bad idea that was. It was also a hot year for tricks, for guys and girls! Last year, we wrote an article encouraging women to step up their CDI game, and boy, did that come well-received. For the first time in years, girls finally had their own division and took home prizes. Yay for progress!

Dustin Johnson CDI MemorialRider: Dustin Johnson

Carson’s legacy is amplified through this event – through every shovel of snow in the building process to each and every drop a snowboarder makes. We meet to memorialize a fallen snowboarder and friend and through this event, those who have never met Carson can be connected to who he was as a person. To quote Amanda Hankison, “we are better together,” and it proves what the power of community can do. It’s crazy what happens when people come together for a single cause – if only American politics can learn this concept. Speaking of politics, if the election doesn’t go as you had hoped, we know of some friendly Canadians we can introduce you to.

Once again, thank you Corey McDonald, Dustin Johnson, Preston Woods and the rest of the MaidenBoise crew and sponsors for making this event happen each year. It does so much for the community of riders, far and wide.

Amanda Hankison CDI MemorialRider: Amanda Hankison

Congrats to this year’s winners: in the men’s division – 1st place Evan Williams, 2nd place Sean Genovese and 3rd place Bryant Davis. In the women’s division – 1st place Amanda Hankison, 2nd place Jenna Kuklinski and 3rd place Brittany Roper.

Evan Williams CDI MemorialRider: Evan Williams


About Brittany Roper

Brittany Roper has a B.A. degree in History from Boise State University. She is passionate about women’s issues and sports. She is an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, who has worked to build a strong female snow community through events centered on women riding and competing together in order to develop healthy relationships. She believes women are NOT a problem but a solution.

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