Meet the new, yet familiar faces, of Bogus Basin’s terrain park


Corey McDonald and Preston Woods at Bogus Basin Tim Zimmerman photo Snow Bunny Magazine

Corey McDonald pictured in front. Preston Woods blasting off in the back. Oh, and Jamie Lynn and Temple Cummings are in between. Photo credit: Tim Zimmerman

It is no secret that Bogus Basin’s terrain park has been in need of a face lift over the past few decades, and although some progress and changes have been made over the most recent years, the time has come for the baton to be passed on to new expertise and vision. Since the park’s genesis, management of the terrain park has fallen under the Mountain Events Department, which also oversaw ski racing and other non-park-related events. The combination of ski racing and the terrain park into a single department caused frequent clashing between the two. Essentially, it is difficult to have two very different aspects of the mountain fight over the same budget but have different responsibilities and expertise.

This year, things are changing. The departments are finally their own and experienced terrain park builders, Corey McDonald and Preston Woods, are taking over the joysticks. McDonald was the Mountain Events Manager several years back and now he has returned after several years of working at Mt Hood as High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Head Digger and Overseer. Along with him is none other than Preston Woods, whom you may remember as Little Ski Hill in McCall’s Park Manager (read past interviews with Woods about LSH here). We were able to catch up with McDonald to talk to him about the recent changes, his transition, and the vision he has for the future of Bogus Basin and its terrain park. It is evident how much he values community and the deep passion he has for the snow scene and its people.

If you care at all about the local snow scene, you may want to read what he has to say.

SBM: I think the question many of us have asked ourselves, and maybe you’ve asked yourself as well is, what persuaded you to come back?

CMAC: First and foremost, I love this city and grew up riding at Bogus Basin! I spent many years trying to make a Terrain Park department within Mountain Events, with no real support from the mountain. When Alan Moore contacted me last March, I was not really interested in coming back. I wanted to help but had reservations about fully committing. After several meetings that were super positive, I decided to give it a go. On my list of things needed to come back, none was bigger than having Preston Woods as my assistant.

SBM: We are stoked that you two are the guys taking charge on this! So what can we expect from the park and the types of events this year?

CMAC: Our park solely relies on natural snow but I am doing everything in my power to get a proper snow-making zone for early season park features. Accounting for the fact that snow-making at Bogus has its limits, we just need to find a way to make it work to the best of the system’s capability. Beyond that, we plan to just do what we do – build a proper park where there is snow. Pretty simple. As far as events go, we will have a four event series again. I really feel that the shred scene has disappeared (or moved away to the north) in the last 6-7 years so we’re really excited to try and build that up again.

SBM: What challenges do you foresee for this upcoming season?

CMAC: Snow, pretty simple. It takes snow to build a park and when you have limited, to no snowmaking, that’s a huge set back. The public’s perception is also a fun one. Everyone is an expert and has big expectations without knowing the actual process it takes to get a park built with limited snow – with that being said, I am excited for the challenge.

SBM: Any features that you’re particularly stoked to build this next year?

CMAC: I’m excited to get the Jump Line built again. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a proper park jump at Bogus, so getting that going is a big priority.

SBM: Can we look forward to more Sirius XM Radio this winter?

CMAC: Is that what was being played out of the yurt last year? Pretty sure it will only be Black Sabbath, Melvins, and High on Fire from here on out.

SBM: What is something you’re really hoping to get out of this upcoming season, for yourself and for the freestyle community?

CMAC: Building that sense of community is a huge one for me. I really feel like it has faded away in the last few years. I’m excited for the days of everyone entering comps, or at least showing up and supporting, as it was only a few years back. Our shred community is a little shaky with the loss of Newts and the scaling back from WSPS and others, so now more than ever we need to get together and support the brands and shops that have supported us all these years. I am really excited to try to bring our shred community back together and do away with all the negativity associated with the place that we all love to ride. If you live in Boise, claiming you snowboard but say you don’t ride Bogus, you are considered less than a part-time snowboarder. I really want to do away with that thought process. Bogus has produced some of the best riders in the country and it’s time we start to take a little pride in the place.

SBM: What is your vision for the future progression of freestyle in our local community, with women and young riders/skiers as well?

CMAC: My vision is that we start to garner more actual participants and not just people that talk about riding; people who are actually buying season passes/lift tickets, supporting events, and just being active in the scene, like RIDING! Bogus is so close and convenient, it blows my mind people don’t take more advantage of it. Girls need to ride with one another and the tough guy crews need to ride with each other also. If you see someone in the lift line, whether you know them or not, you should want to ride with them and get to know them. Building that community and family is my hope for the future up here.

SBM: Can we just make everyone happy and make Dinosaurs Will Die and ThirtyTwo the official park sponsors?

CMAC: Dinosaurs Will Die and ThirtyTwo are my life sponsors and have supported me for a very long time. They have supported Boise snowboarding, both indirectly and directly, for a very long time; so more than sponsoring the “park”, they sponsor our scene. Our Dig Crew will be wearing ThirtyTwo boots and outerwear and most of the crew rides Dinosaurs Will Die snowboards. I have a small snowboard shop called “Method One Clinic” and I am also the Boise Dino dealer so…. get on that.

We are stoked to see the visions and passions of Corey and Preston unfold this next year and we are thankful to Bogus Basin for collaborating with them to make our local mountain a positive and fun place for all types of skiers and riders. This next year, show your mountain and park crew some love by giving support and gratitude for the efforts being made on your behalf, believe us, it goes a long way.




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