Snow Bunnies on the Payette with Bear Valley Rafting

Snow Bunnies Big Falls Portage SF Payette

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On Sunday, July 20th, the Bunnies and friends made their way along the winding roads of Hwy 55 to Banks, Idaho where the infamous Bear Valley Rafting calls home. With 16 girls of varying rafting experience, the guides at BV had their hands full, although we doubt any of them complained! We took on the Southfork of the Payette River, which is well-known for its Class IV rapids and its Big Falls portage. For those of you who have never embarked on this stretch and haven’t seen the beauty of Big Falls, let us describe it for you: Go back to the 1990 sequel film The Neverending Story II and fast forward your VHS to the end where Bastian has to jump into a massive waterfall to get back home. That is, in essence, what it looks like from the banks of Big Falls…or we could be over exaggerating a smidge – sensational journalism at its finest! The day was filled with lots of laughs, a few swims (accidental and intentional) and a high level of stoke! Our guides and safety kayakers made our trip that much more worthwhile with their clever wit, charm and even professionalism – BV has some legend-status guides and kayakers under its roof! Even though the smoke from the Whiskey Complex fires filled the air, it wasn’t going to keep our girls from having a blast!

Snow Bunny Mag on Big Falls SF Payette with Bear Valley Rafting Idaho

All the bunnies at the Big Falls Portage

Snow Bunny Mag on SF Payette Bear Valley Rafting Idaho

Some smiling faces and a decrepit palm tree

Snow Bunny Mag on SF Payette Bear Valley Rafting Idaho

Idaho is so beautiful!

Snow Bunny Mag at Big Falls SF Payette Idaho

Girls have the most fun together!

Snow Bunny Mag on SF Payette with Bear Valley Rafting Idaho

All smiles

Thanks Bear Valley Rafting for making our trip super rad and thank you to all the ladies who came out! YOU are the reason we do what we do!


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