5th Annual Mamma Jamma Rail Jam

    Who would have thought that having a rail jam on January 14th would bear the potential of cancellation due to snow loss? This was not the first time that the Mamma Jamma has feared cancellation due to snow conditions, but alas, it always has seemed to work out; and it did with this […]

CDI Memorial 2016: Bringing the heat

Photos by Joshua Davis We don’t know about you, but it never gets old telling people that you’re going snowboarding well after the local resorts have closed. That look of pure bewilderment when they’ve assumed people have traded in their boards for summertime recreation toys is pure joy. We can assure you that the snow […]

One Bad Mamma Jamma

In a world dominated by competitiveness and comparison, it is easy to look at all the ways we as women do not measure up. Women can be notoriously guilty of these two silent dividers and so often, we look at other women as the problem instead of the solution. Does the phrase “I’d rather hang […]