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Photo by Alexandria White

Photo credit: Alexandria White

Nestled on the East side of the Cascades is the quaint and wonderful Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Washington.  Fitness comes in all forms and none is truer than visiting Leavenworth.  High in the mountain above, sits Stevens Pass.  If you are a snowboarder or a skier, then this is a MUST trip for you to take! With a ton of deep, steep, and beautiful terrain, us ladies at Snow Bunny Magazine had a chance to shred the ultimate pow! There was goods to be found all over the mountain and the workout you get from rippin’ in knee deep powder for a day is better than anything I have ever done in a gym!  A complete total body workout!  Lower body, upper body, core, you name it, you will feel it riding at Stevens Pass!

Brittany riding trees at Stevens Pass

Photo credit: Misty Braden

If you are not a snowboarder or skier, then Leavenworth is still the town for you and fitness is still to be had in multiple forms outside of the gym.  I ventured out to the Little Ski Hill there and found that they have a winter sports club that offers an opportunity to participate in outdoor activities and events.  You can participate at the tube park, in snowshoeing, skate-skiing, ski jump, cross-country skiing, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to Nordic ski or snowboard.

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club

Don’t forget to book your therapeutic massage at the day spa at the Icicle Village Resort.  They offer multiple packages to choose from and after a full day of physical activities and before heading back to your room, you’ll want to unwind and recoup those muscles.

For dinner, the restaurant South offers hormone and antibiotic free meats, GMO free tortillas, fresh salsas daily, and has certified seafood.  The food was fresh and delicious! The drinks were just as unique and used fresh ingredients. While I am not usually into promoting Mexican food and alcohol in a fitness article, I will say this really is a great choice! Anytime an establishment offers you a margarita with fresh basil in it, you must give it a try!

Besides the amount of activities that can be found in this area, just walking down the street and checking out the blocks of retail stores they have will burn some calories! Check out our other reviews on the snow at Stevens Pass and on the town of Leavenworth, WA.

Photo credit Jennifer Oates

Photo credit: Jennifer Oates

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