Grand Targhee Après-ski: So Good You Lose Your Pants


Guest Editor Constance Beverley

Minds out of the gutter and back on the slopes friends.  Yes, on Snowbunny’s last trip to Grand Targhee, a certain Snowbunny’s pants took a detour during post shred revelry, but who hasn’t misplaced a few layers within a few yards of a hot tub?  It’s the relaxation Bermuda Triangle, we assure you. Let us explain.

Riding Grand Targhee is like entering a time warp, in an extremely good way.  When you can ditch your car and ski in and out of your room, shenanigans happen and clocks are rightfully ignored.  It. Is. Glorious!

IMG_3153Targhee is more than just a shred haven.  Once you’ve skied/shredded to your heart’s content, you can fill your remaining hours by tossing back lattes or lagers at any number of fine establishments.  Snowbunny’s Favorite:  Trap Bar.  It’s no surprise that when the snow is good, the bar is sweetgrassfull, and you can join local snow folk reminiscing about epic turns over a pint of equally epic local beer.   Our choice:  Sweetgrass APA – a certain Snowbunny (names withheld to protect the rad) may have had a few, but don’t worry, those pints were paired with some of the menu’s choice selections.  Pick your indulgence and buffer your buzz:  chili, jalapeno cheddar cornbread, nachos, elk sausages, go for it, you’ve earned it.

Barteneder, Grand Targhee, Thirsty ThursdayFor those of us that are lovers of Beer and Snow – well, Targhee has your back.  For $45, you get your own pint glass, your first beer free, and a Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour pour for just $3/pint.  Your pint stays at the bar, fully customized of course – kudos to the owners of a pint with a sticker – next beer is on us when we’re in town!

Finally, the Trap also provides live music, and open mike nights chock full of local talent.  Leave your bad karaoke renditions of Taylor Swift songs at home bunnies, talent is legit at the Trap.  The locals gets way involved, and we were particularly charmed by a certain talented gentlemen who rocks lift ops at the Sacajiwia chair during the day, and rocks the Trap at night.  Yeah, we noticed you bro.  Cheers!

So, the pants?  Well, let’s just say, the Trap + shots + pitchers of beer + hot tub = where’s my pants?  In short, it was a post soak clothing scavenger hunt fail.   Oh well, donation to the snow gods and goddesses.  A humble sacrifice and a glorious fashion statement.  Doesn’t everyone walk around Targhee’s village in Uggs, bikini bottoms, and a flannel shirt?  No?  Ok, maybe it’s snowbunnies only on this one.

Targhee Après for the win.  Time to buy new pants.

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