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an image of snowbunnymag Ambassador Alexandria White wakesuring at Lucky Peak in Boise, Idaho, snow bunny

Snow Bunny Mag Contributor:  Alexandria White

Bunny Since: March 2013

Birthday:  March 23

IMG_6081City and state you are from: Bakersfield, CA

 City and state you live in currently: Boise, ID

 Home Mountain: Tamarack Resort

Sports that you are passion about: Volleyball, Wake surfing, Golf, and Snowboarding

 Brands you use for your snowboard: Burton, Volcom, 686, Coal headwear, Smith, C4 belts, and Paradox

The girliest thing in my pack is: a hair tiean image of snowbunnymag ambassador Alexandria White snowboarding at Tamarack Resort in Idaho, snow bunny

My favorite song on my iPod right now is: Oh Nellie! I don’t know, there are so many! Ummmm…………….anything that I can make up some sweet dance moves & sing to, so I’d say nothing has replaced YES by LMFAO & Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars yet. Although, if you’re looking for a newer song Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz is a good one.

 I started snowboarding: when I was 29 years old.

 When I’m done after a day of snowboarding I crave: a hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes  to eat.

 Most memorable day on my snowboard: was Stevens Pass with my favorite SBM ladies!

 I would describe myself as:  the nicest bitch you’ll ever meet.

an image of snowbunnymag Ambassador Alexandria White playing golf in Boise Idaho, Snow Bunny The  person that inspires me most is: any person that is true to themselves & works hard for their passion.

A day of riding with the girls is: better than a spa day.

 I live by the rule/philosophy of: drive fast take chances.

My favorite quote: “Your life becomes the thing you decide it’s going to be.”- Raymond Charles Barker

On a bad day I pick myself up by: doing something nice for a random person.

My favorite way to spend a day is:  being with friends, being active outdoors with the sun shinning on my face.

 If I’m not snowboarding you will usually find me doing this: in the lodge drinking a beer.

 My day job is:  I am a Physiotherapist and Health & Fitness Coach

My family includes: my man, my 2 boys (yellow labs)

an image of surfer and snowbunnymag Ambassador Alexandria White surfing in Costa Rica

More from Alexandria White

I love and have played just about every sport. I was a 3-season sport athlete in high school and I went on to play college volleyball in California.  I started coaching 12-16 year olds in volleyball in 2001 and have continuously done so throughout the years.  I have many who have moved on to play at the college level and 2 ladies have been on teams that have won National Championships. During college, in addition to coaching, I worked as a PT Aide where I gained the skills and the knowledge from some of the best Physical Therapist in California.  I learned the Feldenkrais techniques, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic stretching and therapeutic massage. After college I worked as a Pysiotherapist for 4 years practicing the same techniques I learned in school and as an Aide.  I was helping people live healthier and pain free lives.  When I moved to Idaho 7 years ago, I started working as Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym Parkcenter.  I quickly found my niche as a pre and post rehabilitation specialist.  My abilities, my client successes and my hard work ethic led me to become one of the top trainers at Parkcenter for the 4 years I was there.  For the last 3 years I have sustained a successful business as an independent trainer.  For 2.5 years I searched far and wide for a nutritional and supplemental company that I could recommend to my clients with a clear conscience.  For any personal trainer, we all know that nutrition is 80% and being able to provide our clients with a proper meal replacement is huge for success! With Isagenix, I can now provide my clients with the highest quality and no compromise products on the market today! I have a passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals and to live a pain free life!  My successes come from my clients that have done so; in order for me to succeed you need to succeed.

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About Misty Broesicke

Our Chief Executive Bunny, Misty Broesicke grew up in Orange County, California and made her way to Idaho at 27 years old.  At twenty-nine she learned to snowboard and it quickly developed into a love and passion.  
With a background in rock climbing Misty has combined her passion for both sports as she develops her skills in backcountry snowboarding and mountaineering.   

She has three children,  two “fur” babies and resides with them, and her boyfriend in Boise, Idaho. She is passionate about raising her family to love and take care of the amazing planet we live on while at the same time enjoying the beauty of it by getting outside as often as possible.  

Misty started Snow Bunny Magazine as way to further her own love of outdoor lifestyle sports, while at the same time building up other women and youth through them. 

She is surrounded by an amazing team of women, and that she believes is her greatest strength.