About Dalene Scheloske

Dalene studied Sociology and Communication at Boise State University, and graduated with a degree in Social Science December 2013. She currently works in sales and marketing, and writes for Snowbunnymag.com.

A Guy and His Dog: A Tale of Adventure, Loss, and Triumph

John Muir, America’s beloved mountain man, experienced a connection with man’s best friend that went beyond a typical walk in the woods. The experience moved him to draft the tale titled, “Stickeen,” named after the adventure dog himself. Muir described his K9 glacier-trekking companion as a, “…philosopher,” who had learned that, “without hard work and […]

Erika Vikander

Erika Vikander Photos By: Hette Olyano  and Drew Smalley Sponsors: Discrete Headwear, Niche Snowboards, 686, Outdoor Tech, Aura Optics, XS Unified, PlayHardGiveBack, Mt. Hood Meadows, Polar Pro, Shred Betties This ballerina turned snowboarder is turning heads as she slays Freeride World Qualifiers, and shows the world what dreams are made of.  Erika Vikander is putting in the work […]

Audrey Hebert: Competing in the Freeride World Tour 2017

Hucking huge cliffs, flying through icy moguls, and navigating the tightest trees runs are just a few things in the repertoire of our beautiful cover bunny this month. Audrey Hebert likes to go fast, go big, and she’s not slowing down as she begins to climb the ranks in the world of pro-snowboarding at this […]

Alaskan Fishin’ Buddies

                            Photo by Grace Harcz I woke up at 1:30 AM to ensure that I would not get left behind.  I was told, “Wheels are rolling at 2:00 and we will leave without you.”  I got the coffee ready, packed some snacks […]

How To: Know if you are Addicted to Snow Sports.

  Snow Sport Addiction, as it pertains to this article, is defined as a chronic, relapsing behavior that is characterized by compulsive powder seeking, and arduous journeys in search of untracked snow, despite harmful consequences. If you enjoy winter sports at all, you may want to take the time to assess whether or not your love […]