About Whitney Chandler

I am a Colorado native with an unfettering love for the West. I grew up riding, hiking, biking and climbing the Rocky Mountains and am looking forward to exploring what Idaho has to offer since moving here in August of 2014.
I am a recent graduate of Colorado Mountain College with a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies. I want to ensure that these mountains are still providing epic seasons for future generations to enjoy. While holding down jobs at Moon’s Kitchen and Java in Hyde Park, I enjoy writing about environmental issues, stories that empower women and poetry.

How to Take Successful Stranger Selfies

stranger selfie

While on a recent Snowbunny Mag retreat, we decided to play a friendly game of “Selfies with Strangers.” The goal of the game is to take as many pictures of yourself with anonymous strangers while waiting to load the chairlift. The bunny with the most photos wins bragging rights for the remainder of the trip. […]

How to Prepare for Your First River Trip of Spring Runoff Season


Trade in the ski helmet for your dry bag as you receive notice that you have won the lottery, literally. Remember when you applied for those river permits when the snow was still falling? Well, it’s time to shake off that winter coat and get ready for swimsuit season because ladies, we’re going boatin’. It can […]

Amie Engerbretson: Warren Miller Debut, Powder Award and Our Snow Bunny of the Month


Amie Engerbretson is made her mark on the map in 2015. You may have seen her at your recent local Warren Miller release party for Chasing Shadows or accepting her recent Powder award. Her stunning smile is hard to miss and her killer skiing style leaves you wanting to be chasing her shadow all over her home […]

Whitney Chandler, Editor In Chief

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Whitney Chandler, Editor In Chief Bunny Since: August 2014 Birthday June 1, 1986 From Boulder, CO Currently Living in Boise, ID My home mountain is anywhere I can find good turns. Home is where the heart is. Sports I am passionate about include snowboarding, backpacking, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, running, slacklining Brands I use when I snowboard are Ride, Burton, […]

Stefanie Smith

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Snow Bunny Mag Creative Designer Your name Stefanie Smith Birthday August 14,1975 City and state you are from Leland, Michigan City and state you live in currently Boise, ID Home Mountain Bogus Basin and Brundage Sports that you are passion about Snowboarding, skiing-alpine and Nordic, floating rivers, running, backpacking, and anything outside where the natural […]

Clair Marie on BASE Jumping, Rock Climbing, Fashion and Female Competitiveness

an image of Clair Marie, Base Jumping, Parachuting

It’s hard to pin down a girl that loves to fly. The world’s youngest BASE jumper at the age of 16, Clair Marie is still finding new heights ten years later. No one believed eight-year-old Clair when she insisted she would be a BASE jumper someday, not even her mother. Clair is a stunning example […]

Jackie Paaso

an image of Jackie Paaso, Women Skiers, Skier,skiing

Have you ever dreamed of what your engagement ring would look like? Did you ever picture it being a piece of a mountain bike chain? Maybe not, but it makes for an amazing proposal. Jackie Paaso has been one to watch on skis for almost three decades now. We pinned her down after her recent […]

Smelly Gear? How to: Deodorize Your Ski and Snowboard Gear

an image of spring cleaning, gear cleaning, backpacking

After chasing storms all winter, spring riding is always welcomed. Bring on the sunburns, short sleeves and sun-baked snow that you don’t have to wake up at 6 AM to enjoy. But along with the new found warmth on the mountain comes smelly gloves, boots and helmets. Here are your bunny tricks to keep you […]

Online Dating: How to Find a Man?

an image of Dustin Suprenaut, Mountains, Summit, Climbing, snowbunnymag

There are only a few struggles I have met being an independent single girl. One of them is moving, another is opening the ever hated pickle jar and the other is being cared for when deathly ill. As I roll over to grab yet another tissue to attend to my incessant runny nose, I once […]

The Gift of DIY Sugar Scrubs

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How to Make Sugar Scrubs DIY gifts can help to alleviate the stress of wasting time and money at busy department stores buying gifts that you are hoping will bring brief seconds of holiday cheer to your friends, family and the dreaded co-worker secret Santa recipient. Handcrafted practical gifts such as bath salts, sugar scrubs, […]

River Drunk with Canyon Vision

Whitney Chandler Grand Canyon 2

A Grand Canyon Adventure By Whitney Chandler Photos Courtesy Of: Ben Saheb Being invited to join a rafting trip is always an exhilarating experience in itself. It means you have proven yourself worthy to embark on a journey with fellow river runners, to explore the history of the water and the canyons with like minded […]