Brittany Faith Roper

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Snow Bunny Contributor Brittany Faith Roper

Bunny since: May 2012

Birthday: November 13, 1984

Hometown: Moved a lot growing up, but home is Meridian/Boise, Idaho

Current Town: Boise, Idaho

Home Mountain: Bogus Basin

Sports I’m passionate about: Snowboarding & Football

Brands I Love: GNU, Union Binding Co and ThirtyTwo

The girliest things in my pack are: lip gloss and Playtex – nothing gets girlier than Playtex.

My favorite song on my iPod right now: is and always will be, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

I started snowboarding when I was: 16 years old.

an image of snow bunny Brittany Roper riding powder under epic conditions at Stevens PassWhen I’m done after a day of snowboarding I crave:  a nice hearty soup or stew with a spiced cider to wash it down.

My most memorable day on the hill was: oh man, there are too many to count! There’s those sunny park days with good friends at Bogus, Dollar and Brundage (in Brundage past), there’s those incredible pow days that leave you smiling and exhausted at so many resorts I’ve visited. It’s too hard to pick one memorable day! The Steven’s Pass trip with the Bunnies last winter was one for the books though!

I would describe myself as: passionate, laid back but also ridiculously goofy, and scholarly 😉 Someone who reads many leather-bound books.

The people that inspire me most: are the people who know how to continuously put others first, who serve others faithfully and fight against injustices. It’s honestly too hard to pick one person, there’s a collection of folks that really inspire me.

A day of riding with the girls is: usually the best day of riding and full of ridiculousness!

I live by the philosophy of: love God. Love People.

My favorite quote: “I think this winter I am going to bring back the turtle neck” and “How people behave can often be better predicted by the beliefs they hold about their capabilities than by what they are actually capable of accomplishing.”

On a bad day I pick myself up by: spending time with the people who lift and build me up.

My favorite way to spend a day is: with my husband and good friends, playing in the snow and exploring outdoors.

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If I’m not snowboarding you will  find me:  student teaching at a Junior High School, hanging out with my husband and our crazy Beagle or with friends.

My day job is: student teaching, snowboarding and writing for SBM.

My family includes: my husband and a spunky little Beagle.

an image Brittany Roper, Mt. Borah, Hiking, Snow Bunny, snowbunnymagMy mission in life is to: give up trying to impress people and love others deeply.

Something most people don’t know about me is:  I have autographs from 4 of the cast members of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Don’t mean to brag! Oh, and I have a CDL license.

When you think of me – think this: Be gracious with me, I’m not perfect but I can promise that I genuinely value who you are in my life.

My favorite  resort is: besides my home mountain, which is the sibling no one else can pick on, I would have to say I am pretty enamored with Mt Baker.

Something that I want to try but have not done yet is: travel the whole world!

If I could choose one destination to go board I would head to: New Zealand, no wait… Chili, and Switzerland. Do I have to choose one?

One piece of wisdom that I would share with the next generation is: Be kind and inclusive. Use your influence and talents to make a difference and serve people. You have purpose!

Fun fact about yourself that we didn’t ask: I Facebook stalk all of you.

Supporters, Sponsors and others that deserve recognition: Snow Bunny Mag for loving all things women!  Lori Wright and Mat Thompson for always supporting local women’s snowboarding through the companies they had established. Bogus Basin & Gateway Parks

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 More About Brittany Roper

Brittany started snowboarding at 16 and instantly fell in love with the sport. Ever since, she has immersed herself within the local snow scene. She has worked at Boise’s local ski resort, Bogus Basin, for over a decade and has been passionate about creating a cohesive community for female riders. Her goal is to give women positive encouragement, teach them about healthy competition and foster a unified community to progress together.

She has a B.A. in History from Boise State and she is currently pursuing a career in Secondary Education. She aims to integrate snow, the outdoors and action sports into after-school programs. She loves writing about women’s issues and being able to give women a platform to have an equal voice. She loves the dynamic that takes place when women build each other up and when they see the value in each other.

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