Bunny Tales

Below you will find the current and past articles published within the Bunny Tales section of Snow Bunny Magazine. Click the article title to read the full story.

A Guy and His Dog: A Tale of Adventure, Loss, and Triumph

John Muir, America’s beloved mountain man, experienced a connection with man’s best friend that went beyond a typical walk in the woods. The experience moved him to draft the tale titled, “Stickeen,” named after the adventure dog himself. Muir described his K9 glacier-trekking companion as a, “…philosopher,” who had learned that, “without hard work and […]

Shower Bath Hot Springs – Frank Church Wilderness

This past Labor Day weekend, my husband and I decided to take our first trip into the southern part of the Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness to gain access to one of Idaho’s more remote hot springs: Shower Bath Hot Springs. While others chose less strenuous options for their three-day weekend, we […]

The Joys and Pains of Backpacking Seven Devils

  This last weekend, myself and three other girlfriends set out for the Seven Devils peaks that tower over North America’s deepest canyon, known as Hells Canyon. Our trip started just like any girls’ road trip does- lots of talking, laughing and belting out various tunes from this 90s teenager’s musical repertoire. You can better […]

Alaskan Fishin’ Buddies

                            Photo by Grace Harcz I woke up at 1:30 AM to ensure that I would not get left behind.  I was told, “Wheels are rolling at 2:00 and we will leave without you.”  I got the coffee ready, packed some snacks […]

Avalanche Awareness and Women

  Since January 1st of 2015, five people in the United States have been killed in avalanches.  Is it due to lack of education? Is it because of an increase of inclement  weather and inconsistent conditions? Perhaps it’s because it has become easier to access the backcountry? Or is it simply because more people are […]

Snow Cat Skiing on Monashee Powder

Photos courtesy of Freeride Media When asked along on a cat skiing trip in British Columbia, it’s tough to say no. A chance to travel along the Powder Highway should never be turned down, if at all possible. To sweeten the pot, it was with a group of old friends, and a media production company […]

Mt. Rainier – A Girls Journey to the Summit

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir Photos by: Dan Paulson & Misty Broesicke Returning to Mt Rainier within 10 days of my first attempt was a no brainer.  I had spent the past six months gathering gear, training, climbing, hiking and focusing on a successful attempt.  Getting […]

River Drunk with Canyon Vision

A Grand Canyon Adventure By Whitney Chandler Photos Courtesy Of: Ben Saheb Being invited to join a rafting trip is always an exhilarating experience in itself. It means you have proven yourself worthy to embark on a journey with fellow river runners, to explore the history of the water and the canyons with like minded […]

Climbing Idaho’s Lost River Peak

Standing at 12,078 feet and number 6 in the ranking of Idaho’s tallest mountains is Lost River Peak (LRP). This peak lives up to the reputation of Lost River Range climbs: steep on all aspects and tough to summit.  The steepness of this mountain includes the camps at its base; I found it incredibility difficult […]

Mt. Rainier June 27, 2014

Photos by: Dan Paulson & Misty Braden The idea of big mountain climbing has always been appealing and there has never been a mountain I have wanted to climb more than Mt. Rainier.  Having scheduled a late June climb back in January of 2014, the past six months have revolved around my quest to climb […]

Alpine Finishing School

It’s amazing what all can be accomplished in a span of a weeks time and the evolving friendships that ensued. Some of these ladies I feel like I’ve known for a lot longer than a week. I wish I had time to expound on each day’s adventure, but there are just too many stories to […]

Freeride World Tour 2014

In March 2014 Snow Bunny Magazine was invited to the premiere big mountain competition, the Freeride World Tour.  Known for its awe inspiring venues, large purses, and extreme nature, it draws top athletes from around the world. With a dry 2014 snow season, it’s no wonder that the competition originally scheduled for Kirkwood resort in […]