Gear We Love: Are Women Specific Snowboards Still Relevant?

With the exception of my first two snowboards ever, a Sims 165 Gart Sports edition that my dad bought me and a 156 Rossignol that I bought off a male coworker to downsize the Sims board, I have always ridden what would be considered a women’s specific board. It wasn’t necessarily intentional, every few years […]

Paradox – A Base Layer

Our winter activities can leave us in the cold. Pun intended. As much as I love being in the snow, what I do not love is being cold and sweaty. Paradox states that they “Will keep you warm and dry” and due to their patented drirelease® technology, they can keep their word. The women’s Paradox […]

Eddie Bauer Rainier Storm Shell Line

Being in the mountains can introduce a large variety of weather patterns.  High in the mountains a sunny, cloudless day can suddenly turn to rain with thunderstorms, or sudden snow.   Having the right protection from the elements is critical both to staying relatively comfortable as well as protecting yourself from the elements. The Rainier […]

Gregory Deva Pack

Whether backpacking or climbing a mountain, I am a BIG fan of the Gregory Deva 70 Litre Pack.  Why? Simple!  It’s BIG and I pack like a girl! The more time you spend in the mountains the more you develop a system for how to pack your gear.  This pack is fantastic with lots of […]

Rossignol Savory

The 2013/2014 season is coming to a close so it might be slightly ridiculous that I’m sitting in my office looking at a row of gear, secretly planning and researching (albeit trying to justify buying) a new round of goodies for 2014/2015. While I can’t be the only hard-charging Snow Bunny out there to be […]

BCA Float

The BCA Float 32 is an awesome pack if you’re a backcountry enthusiast.   With the ever-growing popularity of backcountry riding and the increased awareness of avalanche danger, it is no wonder that skiers and snowboarders alike are adding airbags to their gear quivers. While an airbag does not guarantee your safety from bodily injury, […]

ThirtyTwo Boots

  Want to get the scoop on ThirtyTwo’s top of the line women’s boot, the TM-Two’s? Well you have come to the right place. We snagged up a pair this season and have put them through the gauntlet with all sorts of various conditions and terrain. Everyone has different things they look for in a […]

Opedix Tights

Written By: Lynne Wieland Photo credit: Freeride Media Little did I know that a pair of “tights” would make such a difference in my kinetic health. Wait…What? Kinetic Health? What the heck is that?  I had to admit, that term was a new one to me. But after running and skiing in my new Opedix […]

Oakley A-Frame Goggles  Photos by: Misty Braden   Cool goggles can lead to great style and your own flair on the mountain, but as a critical piece of gear they are also important for both safety and comfort.  Why a select few choose to cruise the mountain sporting sunglasses is beyond us, as it would easily be […]

Ski & Snowboard Boots

  Choosing a pair of boots for skiing or boarding can be a bit of an ordeal.  As girls we want it all;  good fit, comfort, and we can admit it…  we want style too! So how can a snow bunny get boots that can perform well on the hill, and look fierce at the […]

Gear Guide: Faction Skis

  Why We LOVE Faction Ski’s – Faction‘s new line of women’s skis, has something for everyone. From beginners, to pro level, Faction has skis for play in the park, riding the resort, or going BC. Initially, Faction redeveloped the shapes, camber lines, sidecuts and flexes to produce four skis that are perfectly balanced and […]