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An image of Sarah Martinais riding Faction skis.

Why We LOVE Faction Ski’s –

Faction‘s new line of women’s skis, has something for everyone. From beginners, to pro level, Faction has skis for play in the park, riding the resort, or going BC.

Initially, Faction redeveloped the shapes, camber lines, sidecuts and flexes to produce four skis that are perfectly balanced and shaped for female skiers.  Led by athlete demand, the entire line has now been reworked, and two new models were introduced, to make one of the most comprehensive female line up’s in the industry.

Faction wanted to ensure that the skis had the right voice, and with so many female graphics being designed by men who make them overtly girly, they felt it was time to get a female artist on board to create feminine graphics that resonated with women.

Kay Leggott has been a skier and artist living in Verbier on and off for the past 8 years, and the perfect choice for the first year’s collaboration.

Working primarily on three pieces, she developed the artwork to give each ski an individual story.


This is an image of the Ambit Skis by Faction

“The Ambit is light with a perfect flex. I would not choose anything else for slopestyle and on-piste playfulness. It allows me to float through the competition course and not worry about my takeoffs, since it is nice and poppy. Solid on jumps, playful on rails and so fun when I’m out free-skiing!.”  Natalia Slepecka – Pro Team

Lengths: 154/158/164/168/174
Tip.Waist.Tail: 116.86.116
Skier: Beginner through to advanced, depends what you are using it for.  Most at home in the park.
Price: $ 649.00

Story behind the graphics, KAY:   The Ambit manifested from a story I read, after the natural disaster in Japan.  Thousands of birds were killed by the giant waves that were triggered from the tsunami onto the Midway Atoll in Hawaii.  The fragmented detail in this art represents the debris that carried in with the waves, and the birds featured are the two main species caught in the disaster; the Laysan Albatross, and the Bonin Petrel.  But it’s not a negative image, because even though there is a fragility to life there is also a strength in it’s regeneration.



An image of Faction 2013-14 Supertonic Skis

A newly developed ski for big mountain, with a versatile 108mm underfoot, flat camber, tip and tail rocker which promises to be a ton of fun!

Lengths: 158/164/174

Tip.Waist.Tail: 142.107.131

Skier: Advanced to Expert
PRICE: $869.00
Story behind the graphics: KAYThe Supertonic narrates the natural and man-made forms we find in the environment. The patterns represent leaves, seed cases and other plants forms, set against the shapes of discarded man-made waste.  The Heroine was inspired by my travels in Bali.  The islands exotic rhythm influenced the visual elements of this ski.   

An image of Faction 2013-14 Heroine, Women's Specific Skis.

Redesigned to incorporate tip and tail rocker makes the Heroine a truly versatile all mountain ski.

Lengths: 153/158/163/164/174

Tip.Waist.Tail: 126.92.116
Skier: Intermediate to Expert.

Story behind the graphics: KAYThe two designs for the Supertonic and Heroine are expressive of the shapes and patterns I observed on my travels this spring.  A contrast of natural and man made objects, rhythmic patterns, and exotic forms that represent the organized chaos of the environment.

PRICE: $ 729.00


An image of Faction 2013-14 Agent Women's Specific Skis.

“Thanks to Faction’s use of Balsa wood cores, the Agent 90W is a super dynamic lightweight women’s ski. The early rise tip makes it easy to initiate turns and the reduced weight lets me take it off-piste and makes it really enjoyable for touring.” Sarah Martinais – Pro Team

Lengths: 149/159/169/174

Tip.Waist.Tail: 126.92.116
Skier: Intermediate to Expert. 

The graphics for the Agent 90W were in fact developed by in house designer Tony McWilliam, getting in touch with his feminine side.

PRICE: $ 839.00

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