How To: Know if you are Addicted to Snow Sports.



Snow Sport Addiction, as it pertains to this article, is defined as a chronic, relapsing behavior that is characterized by compulsive powder seeking, and arduous journeys in search of untracked snow, despite harmful consequences. If you enjoy winter sports at all, you may want to take the time to assess whether or not your love has reached addiction levels.  Warning: there is no cure.  If you have a fever for snow, the only cure is snow.  Embrace what you are and get your snow dancing shoes on, because a dump of white powder is the only cure for what ales you.

You might be addicted to snow sports if you jog the trails, pre-season, and find yourself barreling down a slope on the path, which you imagine to be the line you would be riding on your snowboard or skis.  Every rock or boulder is a jump and the whole process only makes you hunger even more for the powder fall that is still weeks away.  You might do this until your toe catches the top of one of your jumps and sends you tumbling down the dirt and gravel, rudely awakening you from your snow blanketed reverie.

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are dreaming of being on the mountain.  Conversations are lack-luster and you find yourself gazing out the nearest window to see if perhaps the weather has changed in the last 10 minutes.  This could mean you are on a date with a very attractive, smart, and funny man, but all you can think is, “Surely, there is decent snow within an hours drive.  I wonder if he would be down…” and then you actually ask him.  When he says that he is in for the adventure, you briefly imagine what your wedding would look like (honeymoon in Whistler, of course).  You need to be with a powder hound!

Maybe that’s just me.  But there are sure signs of snow sport addiction that you can watch for.  You know you’re a shred head when:

1) You set your alarm a few minutes early to check the snow report in the morning to see if it warrants a sick day.

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2) You always keep your gear in your car, just in case.  You never know when an unpredictable dump could happen.

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3) Your gear bag has flown on an airplane.

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4) Meeting a romantic prospect that doesn’t ski or snowboard is a deal breaker.

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5) It hits 60 degrees outside in the beginning of February, people are skipping around in the sun, eating ice cream cones, and you are genuinely bummed.

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6)  You call everyone who sucks, on or off the mountain, a “gaper.”

Snowboard and ski helmets at BoardRoom Boise Idaho

7)  You have to report for your serving shift at the lodge in 15 minutes, but you want to get one more run in.  On the ride down you wreck your arm, and show up to work via ski patrol an hour late.  You’re thoughts on the matter: “Totally worth it.”

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8)  Your significant other surprises you with a tropical vacation in the middle of powder month and you feel a twinge of reluctance, but then you think about surfing, and realize that you’ll be alright.

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