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Lexi duPont Eddie Bauer skier

It is always exciting for us to cover women from all over the world while they showcase their craft but it is especially exciting to cover someone from our home state of Idaho. Lexi duPont hails from the Wood River Valley region, known as Sun Valley. Perhaps you have heard of it, many A-lister celebs frequent Sun Valley and Olympian gold-medalists, Picabo Street and Kaitlyn Farrington, are from the Sun Valley area. DuPont has skiing in her genes, with her mother, Holley duPont, being the first female freeskier to land a backflip. Although skiing is in the family, Lexi has made her own mark in the freeskiing world by joining the Freeskiing World Tour and making appearances in Warren Miller films throughout the years. She currently is a member of the Eddie Bauer guide and athlete team. Her success in skiing certainly has given her name some recognition but this young woman has a litany of other interests and hobbies, such as circumnavigating the globe with former archbishop, Desmond Tutu. When we learned how unique and talented Lexi was, we were excited to get an interview with her. Here is what she had to say.

Photos: Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

Age: 28

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SBM: We read that you live in what would be considered a “tiny home.” Now that you’ve had some time to get used to it, how have you enjoyed a more minimalist lifestyle?

LDP: I fall in love with my dome home more and more. Its location, structure, and simplicity are a dream come true. So many people these days live in big houses and fill rooms and rooms with things that they never use. I am a big believer in having only what you need. The simple life is the good life.

SBM: What is something you miss the most about having a bigger space?

LDPNothing really.

SBM: What is the most important lesson your lifestyle as a skier has taught you?

LDP: The lifestyle of a pro skier is constantly teaching me things and I am so thankful for that. This year I have been really working on balancing aggression and flexibility and I find that ever-present centeredness is always the answer.

Lexi duPont Eddie Bauer freeskier

SBM: What has been your biggest challenge in this industry as a female?

LDP: I think for women, finding the same support as male skiers has been a big challenge. Negotiating contracts and putting a specific value on myself and what I have to offer is always a challenge.

SBM: What do you hope to use your platform for as a professional skier?

LDP: I hope to not only inspire but to use skiing as a vehicle to give back. To showcase the beautiful natural world so others may want to protect it and foster an
environment where people can access their full potential. Skiing has a way of bringing out the best in people. It creates confident happiness by pushing your mental and physical ability, and connecting people with the flowing vibrations of the natural world. I just love skiing.

SBM: When we saw “Pretty Faces,” one of the things that stuck out to us was the female camaraderie and how well it captured women being women and enjoying each other’s company. Do you feel it’s important for women to recreate with one another?

LDP: Oh for sure! Skiing is challenging and the demands of the wild outdoors require you to fully trust your ski partners. When you find a fellow female to adventure with it is an honest soul sister connection. It’s an all-encompassing bond that withstands time. I feel so lucky to have such solid female recreation partners and shred sisters in all aspects of my life.

Lexi duPont skier

SBM: If you couldn’t ski anymore, you would…

LDP: Make wayyyyy more art!!!

SBM: Top 5 memorable skiing experiences, and go!

LDP: Polar Bears in Svalbard Norway!
Spreading the LOVE in Kyrgyzstan!
Big step spines in Alaska!
Deep Deep pow days in Revelstoke!
Surfing and skiing the same storm in Vancouver Island

SBM: It seems to us that your mom, Holley duPont, was pretty influential to you in your skiing. How do you hope to influence young girls, who perhaps don’t have such a supportive female role model?

LDP: I want every young girl out there to know that anything is possible. My mom always taught me that. She would always tell me just keep moving, your biggest failure is not to try. It started with weird food at the dinner table. We had to try everything on our plate and if, after trying, we didn’t like it, then we could make a PB&J. I take that same lesson into life. You just have to give it a try or else you will never know. And this doesn’t stop when you hit puberty. Take it to the grave.

SBM: What’s the scariest experience you’ve had skiing?

LDP: I fell over 400 feet down a couloir a few years ago. I was tumbling out of control, fully extended, head, feet, head, feet and instead of slowing down I started gaining speed and I thought I was going over the cliff at the end. I thought to myself ‘I am going to die, this is it.’ Just before the cliff I came to a stop and gave myself a head to toe check. I was totally fine, I started crying and decided right there and then I was not going to die in the mountains. I have so much more living to do and hope to die an old lady in my bed surrounded by my family.

Lexi duPont skier Eddie Bauer

SBM: So, let us get this straight, you are not only an accomplished skier but you circumnavigated the globe with the former archbishop, Desmond Tutu?! We feel like we can’t let that one go, please tell us what that experience was like.

LDP: It was an amazing experience. i went on Semester at Sea in college and Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a professor on the ship. We were able to have lunch with him, chat with him in the hallways and just hang out like any normal student teacher relationship. He taught us to “Dream, dream, dream, dream your wildest dreams.” He just radiates love and happiness and compassion. So inspired and touched by that man.

SBM: Words of wisdom you live by?

LDP: Rite on the Real, Death to the faker. Everyone is unique, and everyone has a purpose – go out there and find it and do it with all your heart because no one can do it like you can!

SBM: What’s your “Jerry of the Day” type moment while skiing?

LDP: Haha! Falling over when I’m standing still. It happens to me all the time! I’ll just be chilling with my friends and my pole will get caught under my ski or something and I’ll just fall over on the flats. Gets me all the time.

About Brittany Roper

Brittany Roper has a B.A. degree in History from Boise State University. She is passionate about women’s issues and sports. She is an avid snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, who has worked to build a strong female snow community through events centered on women riding and competing together in order to develop healthy relationships. She believes women are NOT a problem but a solution.