Oakley A-Frame Goggles

Alexi Micinski rocks Oakley A Frame Goggles

Photos by: Misty Braden

Cool goggles can lead to great style and your own flair on the mountain, but as a critical piece of gear they are also important for both safety and comfort.  Why a select few choose to cruise the mountain sporting sunglasses is beyond us, as it would easily be a recipe for tears, runny mascara, and then injury when you can’t see where the heck your going.

For most of us goggles, like gloves, are a no brainer every time we are on the mountain, and the day’s conditions determine which of our gogs we choose to wear.

Let’s face it… a blue bird day on the hill with sunny skies and great visibility requires a different set of goggles or at least lenses, than what you may use on a low light day, during night skiing, or even a day that is partly cloudy.

We asked our Cover Bunny Alexi Micinski what her favorite pair of gogs were, and then went and watched her flip around on a tramp for awhile.

Alexi Micinski US Ski Team Oakley A Frame Goggles

Alexi’s favorite pick is the Oakley A-Frames because “they’re stylish, fit my face well, and do the job on the slopes.  I can look good and feel confident while I’m shredding and I never have to worry about flat light or foggy lenses.”

 Alexi Micinski US Ski Team rocks Oakley A Frame Goggles

 Special Thanks to Danick Gymnsatics 





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