Online Dating: How to Find a Man?

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There are only a few struggles I have met being an independent single girl. One of them is moving, another is opening the ever hated pickle jar and the other is being cared for when deathly ill. As I roll over to grab yet an image of Jacob McCoola, a man who loves the outdoors, dating, snowbunnymaganother tissue to attend to my incessant runny nose, I once again wish that I had someone to take care of me. These moments are few and far between. I’m typically happy to be alone to fart/cry/burp unapologetically when I need to or to flirt shamelessly with every male server in a restaurant. That darn pickle jar will get me every time though.

I’m a recent small mountain ski town transplant finding herself lost in the city style dating scene. I’m finding it’s a bit different meeting guys that aren’t in perma-ski gear and used to a 6:1 guy to girl ratio. All of aan image of Rourke Weaver and his skier and snowboarder friends, suns out guns out, dating, snowbunnymag sudden I am struck with a lack of self-confidence as I begin to realize that I’m surrounded by hot chicks in high heels and make up, a lot of them. I’ve never seen girls as competition when not wearing numbers stapled to our snowboard jackets. This is new territory for me.

I asked some of the ladies that I work with how they meet guys. I’m told to check out Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid and join MeetUp groups. For a girl that spent a total of 13 days sleeping indoors over the an image of Rourke Weaver, men in suits, snowbunnymag, datingfour months of summer, staring at my newly acquired pink iPhone does not sound appealing in the least. I just couldn’t get it. Don’t you TALK to people to meet people? What is an eChat? Why do guys on Tinder keep referring to themselves as “Daddy”? I felt my self-worth being diminished with every invisible left swipe.

This isn’t to say I didn’t have some great conversations with guys about books, outdoor trips, things I should see around Boise but nothing seemed to click. Every time I met up with a guy off one of these sites there was something off about them that I couldn’t put my finger on. And then it clicked, they were too clean. I can’t knowan image of Jacob McCoola climbing in the mountains and nearing the summit, snowbunnymag, article about dating anything about someone that is putting on their best face, best cologne, best clothes to impress me. I like to get to know men in their rawest state. Taking them skiing and seeing them getting pissed off about overshooting a landing or the embarrassment when they miss their grip while climbing a rock face. I want to see what they look like unshaven, smell their body odor at its finest in the desert heat. Is there an app for that?

Those sites have worked wonders for couples all over this country but unfortunately for this dirty mountain girl I’ll be looking for Mr. Right an image of Rourke Weaver, hiking in the mountains and on the summit, dating, snowbunnymagon my next mountain summit. I can picture his dog’s hair blowing in the wind right now…

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About Whitney Chandler

I am a Colorado native with an unfettering love for the West. I grew up riding, hiking, biking and climbing the Rocky Mountains and am looking forward to exploring what Idaho has to offer since moving here in August of 2014.
I am a recent graduate of Colorado Mountain College with a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies. I want to ensure that these mountains are still providing epic seasons for future generations to enjoy. While holding down jobs at Moon’s Kitchen and Java in Hyde Park, I enjoy writing about environmental issues, stories that empower women and poetry.


  1. I feel your pain! I have been told by multiple friends to try online dating but I always come out of it feeling worse about myself. Most of the men take selfies and act like idiots. I want to meet someone on the mountain or hiking in the foothills. I find that I more attracted to a man’s personality than their looks and you cant get that from online dating. I am glad to know I am not alone!

  2. Hey I wish there were more women like the way you think.

  3. The biggest problem with online dating to me is the temptation coming from the endless supply of users… There is no longer a need to embrace, nurture, and simply accept your partner. Why decide to work through issues and keep the spark alive when there is a tempting line of singles waiting just a few clicks away. Someone hotter, funnier, more successful, etc may be waiting for you or they may be complete psychos but I’ve met plenty of guys and girls that seem to be addicted and just can’t help thinking the next one might be “better”. I’m with you Whitney, I’d rather meet my bo in the real world where I can get to know him the old fashion way.

  4. Thats pretty funny. I find myself in the same situation, only meeting the type of people that think this way and would write an article like this, the real outdoor crowd. I agree with tending to do it the old fashioned way, not online, but that can make it harder. There’s a guy’s side of this too!