Opedix Tights


Written By: Lynne Wieland

Photo credit: Freeride Media

Little did I know that a pair of “tights” would make such a difference in my kinetic health.

Wait…What? Kinetic Health? What the heck is that?  I had to admit, that term was a new one to me. But after running and skiing in my new Opedix tights, I was sold. These guys are onto something.

Opedix Tights Running skiing banana pants hotdogLynne Wieland

Opedix Tights Running skiing banana pants hotdog
Photo credit: Freeride Media

“These Guys” are the brains and science behind Opedix the makers of Kinetic Health Gear.  Through science and working closely with nationally recognized orthopedic laboratories, they have created, perfected and patented a system. This will help everyone from the professional athlete to the casual enthusiast to do what they love. And to do it with less wear and tear on the body-which means less pain. Less pain is always good.

I had my doubts-but the first time I put on my Opedix running tights, I could tell that they were different. The quality of construction, the way the product fit and functioned was very different from your every day run of the mill running tight.  There is this little “pocket” that your kneecap fits into, nice and snug. They just felt different as soon as I put them on.

About half way through training for my first marathon, I started wearing the Opedix tights, and fell in love. I was able to run….which I was already doing, but the difference was the amount of knee pain I had post run. It was substantially reduced. As was the time I spent icing my knees after a run.  If they worked this well running, I couldn’t wait to ski in them.

At the age of 50, I continue to ski as if I think I’m still 20, 30, heck…even 40! It’s not the skiing that has changed, it’s how my body responds and recovers after a long day on the hill. By wearing the Opedix product, I am able to charge just as hard, but with less knee pain.  Just to be sure, I made it a point to go skiing in my “long johns”. It’s when you don’t wear the product, that you realize how much it really works. I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to have this product way back when. All I know, is I’m just happy to have them now.

For more information and to order YOUR pair of Opedix, go to www.opedix.com

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