Paradox – A Base Layer

Our winter activities can leave us in the cold. Pun intended. As much as I love being in the snow, what I do not love is being cold and sweaty. Paradox states that they “Will keep you warm and dry” and due to their patented drirelease® technology, they can keep their word. The women’s Paradox line is lightweight, comfortable, protects from UV rays, will keep you dry and help keep odors under control.

Paradox Merino Blend Top
One of my favorite parts of the top are the thumb holes in the sleeves. That allows the top to fit securely in your hoodie and your jacket without it getting twisted around your arm or getting pushed up your arm, which is annoying. Is it not? The top also offers a high neck that zips, so when you are shredded down the hill you can keep it snug around your neck to stay warmer or you can unzip it when you hit the lodge to enjoy a nice beverage and some food. They are comfortable and yet they are stylishly cute. I have been known to wear my Paradox as just a long sleeve shirt with jeans in the spring and fall and I have also worn them with my workout (yoga) pants at work to train my clients. It’s a universal base layer!Paradox Merino Blend Bottom

The bottom base layer is just as comfortable as the top and made with the same drirelease® technology. That technology is what allows it to be lightweight and warm at the same time. I have long legs and the bottoms still fit well. The bottoms are not restricting in any way, which is always nice when ripping in deep pow.

Costco carries the Paradox line in the winter time. They offer top base layers in 4 different colors and bottom base layers in black.

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