Ski & Snowboard Boots

The Snow Bunny Staff and Alexi Micinski Review share our favorite Ski & Snowboard Boots.

Photos by: Nena Earl /  Wardrobe by Tanya Carnahan /
Hair by Chad Robinson / Spirit Hoods from Villa Lifestyles


Ad Anakie BannerChoosing a pair of boots for skiing or boarding can be a bit of an ordeal.  As girls we want it all;  good fit, comfort, and we can admit it…  we want style too!

So how can a snow bunny get boots that can perform well on the hill, and look fierce at the same time?   First and foremost we would suggest buying local!   Getting fitted by a shop can be really helpful to ensure that you don’t end up hating life on the slopes early on in the season.

Among the top complaints we heard from skiers was a general discomfort from the foot being squeezed, an inability to walk around without looking like robo-cop, and an overall fear of staircases .  For snowboarders, while the boot is generally far more comfortable than ski boots -lucky us- there are still issues to deal with. Choosing a stiffer or softer boot can be dependent on what kind of riding you are doing, but we can also struggle with getting a snug fit for those of us ladies with small or narrow feet, whose heels won’t stay in the cup on those toe side turns.

Boot choices for the Snow Bunny staff 2013/14

Whether you are skiing or boarding, boots are not cheap, so doing it right the first time with a proper fitting shell, additional insoles, and or having your boots melted to fit your feet,  can definitely save you time, keep some hard earned green in your pocket, and keep you more comfortable on the hill this year.

We asked a few of the Snow Bunny girls, as well as our Cover Bunny Alexi Micinski, what their favorite boots were and why. Here is what they said!

Alexi Micinski US Ski Team models fur & ski boots

Alexi Micinski

US Ski Team

“This year I am riding the Dalbello Lotus ski boot. The quality of the boot is better than any other I have ridden, and can take a beating when skiing the park. I like this boot because it puts me in a comfortable skiing stance, and is stiff enough for when I’m boosting those 70ft. jumps. I also love that this boot can work with the Dalbello ID moldable liners which make for a perfect fit.”





Brittany Roper Boots & Fur Brittany Roper

 Local Bunnies Columnist

“For me, there are three things I look for: durability, comfort and flex.  As much as I snowboard in a season, durability is key.  It is amazing if I can get a full season out of a pair of boots.  Along with durability, comfort is essential.  Nothing sucks more than shredding all day in an ill-fitted pair of boots.  More comfort, the longer the shred.  Lastly, this will vary on the type of rider you are.  Oddly, when I ride park, I prefer a medium stiff boot.  Feeling secure is better for my riding. The looser my boot feels, the less control I feel I have.  Perhaps it is psychological.  I know for a lot a rail slingers, a soft boot is preferable.  Only you know your preferences so try out some different styles and see which one suits you most.  I am in the middle of a boot brand transition.  I am going back to Thiry-Two boots this upcoming season.  The past few seasons, I rode in Nike brand boots and too be honest, they are a great boot but I just cannot ethically support that company anymore.  Thirty-Two brand boots have been around for a long time and are consistently a tried and true brand.”

Tanya Ski Boot Review BeginnerTanya Carnahan

Chief Fashion Bunny

“I’m the newbie around here. Last year was my first on the slopes, and I was instantly addicted! Skiing is my new favorite sport, but I had a feeling that as I grew in skill and practice, my tastes and gear preferences would change. So I wanted something high-quality, but not so spendy I’d regret upgrading later on. My perfect fit was heading down to Play It Again Sports in Boise, and asking their very knowledgeable associates to outfit me in good, solid beginner gear. I picked boots from Atomic, the Live Fit Plus. They were comfortable, easy for a novice to get on & off, and under $200 (used.) Oh, and they’re white & silver, so they match everything! Yeah, I’m that girl, lol! The new Live Fit Plus boots are stunning, by the way. I love my beginner boots, but look forward to upgrading, when the time is right!”

Alex White Snowboard BootsAlex White

Chief Fitness Bunny

I needed and wanted something that would fit my narrow foot and heel, be comfortable, keep my feet warm, feel light on my feet, of course look good, and still be affordable.  After trying on multiple pairs of men and women’s boots at multiple locations, I finally decided on the Burton Mint.  I have long and very narrow feet and low back issues and the Mint boots fit my foot well and are really comfortable.  The flex rating is a 3, not stiff at all, which works well for my casual riding style.  This boot is user friendly and a feature that I appreciate about the Mint is that it has speed laces. This helps me get the boot as tight as I need it and be able to lace quickly before my fingers feel like they might break off from the cold.  Last but not least, the inside liner is heat moldable, so I was able to have it molded to my foot.”

Snowboard boot review by Misty BroesickeMisty Braden

Chief Executive Bunny

“I have been riding Vans snowboard boots for the past several years.  I generally go with a stiffer boot for rallying around the hill, and I LOVE the double boa system on these boots.  My feet are so narrow that I typically go a size smaller on my boots and can use the boa system to crank down my ankles avoiding heel pop.  The downside of the boa is that if it breaks, you are kinda screwed because they aren’t too easy to replace.  I have been fortunate to not break a pair yet so they have proven durable to me. Another added benefit to these boots is the Recco system which we all hope never has to be used.”

About Misty Broesicke

Our Chief Executive Bunny, Misty Broesicke grew up in Orange County, California and made her way to Idaho at 27 years old.  At twenty-nine she learned to snowboard and it quickly developed into a love and passion.  
With a background in rock climbing Misty has combined her passion for both sports as she develops her skills in backcountry snowboarding and mountaineering.   

She has three children,  two “fur” babies and resides with them, and her boyfriend in Boise, Idaho. She is passionate about raising her family to love and take care of the amazing planet we live on while at the same time enjoying the beauty of it by getting outside as often as possible.  

Misty started Snow Bunny Magazine as way to further her own love of outdoor lifestyle sports, while at the same time building up other women and youth through them. 

She is surrounded by an amazing team of women, and that she believes is her greatest strength.