A Guy and His Dog: A Tale of Adventure, Loss, and Triumph

A guy with a puppy in his pack, snowboarding through the trees

John Muir, America’s beloved mountain man, experienced a connection with man’s best friend that went beyond a typical walk in the woods. The experience moved him to draft the tale titled, “Stickeen,” named after the adventure dog himself. Muir described his K9 glacier-trekking companion as a, “…philosopher,” who had learned that, “without hard work and […]

The Joys and Pains of Backpacking Seven Devils

Camping at Sheep Lake in Seven Devils out of Hells Canyon and Riggins Idaho

  This last weekend, myself and three other girlfriends set out for the Seven Devils peaks that tower over North America’s deepest canyon, known as Hells Canyon. Our trip started just like any girls’ road trip does- lots of talking, laughing and belting out various tunes from this 90s teenager’s musical repertoire. You can better […]