Whitney Chandler, Editor In Chief

Whitney Chandler, Editor In Chiefflowers

Bunny Since: August 2014

Birthday June 1, 1986

From Boulder, CO

Currently Living in Boise, ID

My home mountain is anywhere I can find good turns. Home is where the heart is.

Sports I am passionate about include snowboarding, backpacking, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, running, slacklining

Brands I use when I snowboard are Ride, Burton, Never Summer, Sims, Bern and 686

tetonsThe girliest thing in my pack is probably a tampon? Does it get much girlier than that?

My favorite song on my iPod right now is  Odeza- Say My Name

I started snowboarding when I was 12 years old.

When I’m done after a day of skiing/snowboarding I crave portobello burgers with cashew cheese.

Most memorable day on my snowboard was a full whiteout in Steamboat riding at full speed into pillows of white powder while listening to Billie Holiday in April, on the last day of the season. Great way to go out.

I would describe myself as a spaz.

The  person that inspires me most is my mother. She’s stunning. Now, if only I could get her to spend a night outside…

A day of riding with the girls is full of giggles. My favorite part about riding with chicks is they don’t take themselves as seriously as some of my dudes. So many giggles.

I live by the philosophy of life’s too short, wake up happy everyday, everything is going to be okay.kayak (1)

My favorite quote is “May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. “ -Ed Abbey

On a bad day I pick myself up by calling my best friend Zoe, or looking at the tattoo of her handwriting on my foot.

My favorite way to spend a day is breathing mountain air. Be it with a board or hiking boots on my feet, don’t care but I need that air.

If I’m not snowboarding you will usually find me reading, writing or wrestling with my dog.

My day job is finding funds for my portion of the nonprofit world.

booMy family includes    my 10 year old smelly hairy black lab baby, Boozer.

My mission in life is to pursue my passion in whatever form that takes; be it snowboarding, writing, people or rivers.

Something most people don’t know about me is my childhood nickname is Doodle Butter Buns.

My favorite ski resort is Steamboat Mountain Resort.

Something that I want to try but have not done yet is paragliding or BASE jumping!

If I could choose one destination to board? I would head to the Alps.

One piece of wisdom that I would share with the next generation is don’t wish time away. Enjoy your childhood and teenage years, especially how good your body still feels during those years.  


About Whitney Chandler

I am a Colorado native with an unfettering love for the West. I grew up riding, hiking, biking and climbing the Rocky Mountains and am looking forward to exploring what Idaho has to offer since moving here in August of 2014.
I am a recent graduate of Colorado Mountain College with a Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies. I want to ensure that these mountains are still providing epic seasons for future generations to enjoy. While holding down jobs at Moon’s Kitchen and Java in Hyde Park, I enjoy writing about environmental issues, stories that empower women and poetry.