Here you will find your guide to the coolest clothes to wear on land or water. Mountain, swim and active wear is what active style is all about.

Return of The Onsies

Fashion is cyclical. We’ve seen bell bottoms, daisy dukes, leopard print and spandex all exit and re-enter the fashion scene over the years. Retro ski gear has been mocked at onesie ski suit parties and been a staple among many of the Jerry’s out there but, let’s talk about real comebacks with practical implications. We are talking about ski […]

Street Style: Layering for Spring Weather

 The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, the sun is staying in the sky a little longer each day, and you have started to catch the spring fever.  No longer can you get away with your boots, jacket, and beanie uniform.  It’s time to shed some layers, and perhaps incorporate some new layering techniques.  […]

Injuries: Battle Wounds are Badges of Honor

Remember that horrible song by the band Papa Roach called “Scars”? You know, the one where they sing about how our scars are reminders that we have a past – yeah, that band really sucked but since we’re on the subject of scars and things that suck, we want to talk about the injuries we […]