Here you will find your guide to the coolest clothes to wear on land or water. Mountain, swim and active wear is what active style is all about.

Brains are sexy, therefore, helmets are too

Being safe and looking hot don’t always go hand in hand, but nothing is more attractive than being smart and protecting your dome while you’re out there having a good time. As we enter into another winter season, we at Snow Bunny Mag would like to encourage shredders of all abilities and levels of experience […]

To Spandex or Not to Spandex

To spandex or not to spandex, that is the question of the 21st Century. Yoga pants are a staple in women’s wardrobes nowadays and we know some women ask themselves when are the appropriate times to wear yoga pants and what type of underwear should go under them? We’ve got your answers here! Do Wear Yoga […]

Gear Guide: Tips You Might Not Know

Photos by Jennifer Oates/ O2 Photography Co-written by Tanya Carnahan & Brittany Roper Snow culture gear and clothing are a big investment! Sometimes you score a cool pair of ski pants at the thrift store, but more often than not, if you’re serious about the slopes you want really decent gear that will stand the […]