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Introducing, BLONDI: taking skincare and hydrotherapy to the next level.

Snow Bunny Mag is extremely excited to introduce you to a brand new bath and body skincare line, straight out of the backyards of Boise (figuratively and literally). The brand is called BLONDI, it has been a years-in-the-making process, and we couldn’t be more excited about it finally being available for year round purchase. For […]

From Workout to Happy Hour, Your 5 Minute Makeover

So you’re heading home from a major workout – at the gym, the river, or the slopes! – and your girlfriends start texting you to join them for Happy Hour downtown in 20 minutes. Sure, you might have time for a quick hop in the shower to rinse the sweat off, but that leaves about […]

Braids and Beanies – Hair Care for the Slopes

We love our beanies! But even greater than love,we NEED them to keep our noggins toasty when we’re up up the slopes. So we rock our beanies, but at the end of the day, we have that hair! You know what I mean; hat head, but to an even greater extreme because we’ve been working […]