Here you will find your guide to the coolest clothes to wear off the slopes, in the city, or out on the town.

The Perfect Black Leggings

Photos by Kimberly Goodwin Photography In every woman’s closet, there can be found at least one perfect, little black dress. If this comes as a shock to you and you realize you are lacking, allow us add one more thing to your list of must-haves (sorry, not sorry). Seriously, you need to have a little […]

Akinz: Clothing to Help “Find Your Wings”

It is hard not to return a smile from a teal haired Suzanne Akin, founder and Creative Director of the handcrafted clothing store, Akinz. Her three and a half year old storefront in the area known as Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado serves as the base for her Colorado-chic style clothing and accessory lines. […]

UNHLY Fashion Trends

From boyfriend jeans to boy cut undies, we have clearly distinguished when we are taking a feminine spin on something created for men.  With this Rosie the Riveter attitude, the definition of femininity remains in flux.  Redefining stereotypes and stigmas is a collective effort, and we at Snowbunnymag like to partner with trailblazers of the […]