Gear Guide: Tips You Might Not Know

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Photos by Jennifer Oates/ O2 Photography

Co-written by Tanya Carnahan & Brittany Roper

Snow culture gear and clothing are a big investment! Sometimes you score a cool pair of ski pants at the thrift store, but more often than not, if you’re serious about the slopes you want really decent gear that will stand the test of time. Protect your investment, and take care of it! Whether you are new to slope life, or a champion on the slopes, here are a few tips you might not know about, for getting the longest life out of your gear.



  • Beanies can get a bit stretched out and smelly. Throw them in the washer on cold, and dryer on medium heat.  That will get rid of the smell, and tighten the beanie back up. (Note: some beanies come with cleaning instructions; if so, follow those!)



  • Get a hard case for them; this keeps them from getting smashed.
  • Many goggles come with a small, soft drawstring bag to keep them in, so also store them in there.  This prevents your goggles from getting scratched.  Use this to also clean smears, water or smudges off your goggles.  DO NOT use tissue or other fibrous materials, as this will cause scratches.
  • DO NOT hang your goggles from your rear-view mirror, or in front of heaters to dry them out.  This will damage the anti-fogging substance on your goggles.
  • Before storing them away after the day, leave them in a safe place to air dry.
  • Be careful not to lay goggles lenses down on surfaces.



  • Avoid white!  It gets dirty so easily, which will make you want to wash it more, thus breaking down the waterproof material.
  • Don’t wash your outerwear after every use.
  • Some have instructions or waterproof treatments you can buy to add to the wash; check labels!
  • Fur-lined hoods have the tendency to ice up, clump snow, and when it melts, makes a wet mess. Not fun.
  • After a day on the slopes, if you don’t change out of your snow pants, roll the bottoms up.  This will prevent dragging on the ground, which causes tears and fraying.
  • Make sure all the pockets are zipped up, as these can get snagged on trees or brush and can tear your clothes up!



  • Make sure to dry out your gloves before stashing them away.  Leaving them damp will cause them to stink quickly.



  • Invest in a boot dryer!  This will dry out the inside of your boot, so it does not stay wet and cause it to stink.  (Especially important during spring.)
  • If your boots do stink, still dry them after each use, but use dryer sheets.  Helps a little bit.
  • Make sure if you have long boot strings, that don’t drag on the floor.  This will cause fraying.


  • Continually wax your board/skis.  The wax protects the base of your board from scratches.  The dryer the board, the more scratches it will be susceptible to.
  • After the season, stash your board/skis in a board/ski bag to eliminate dust.

Comment below to share your best tips and tricks for keeping your gear in shape! 

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