Goggle Care

I recently inadvertently destroyed my goggle lenses. It was a snowy day, the powder was deep, and I was trying my best to stay afloat. Temperatures were rising and the wet snow continued to build up on my lenses. Low visibility, plus the ice crystals in front of my eyeballs, had me frantically wiping at my lenses all day. The combination of those ice crystals and my ski gloves, wrecked my lenses. Turns out I couldn’t see because of snow, fog, and the scratches that I continued to create throughout the day. I had no clue that I was wrecking my goggles, and maybe it was time for a new pair, regardless, but it goes to show: You don’t know what you don’t know! Perhaps it’s time for a goggle care refresher course.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

Always check the manufacturers instructions, but here are a few basic pointers.


1) Do not rub the inside of your lenses when wet. You will remove the anti-fogging agent. Shake the snow out and lay them out to dry.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

2) Placing your goggles on your forehead or beanie increases the amount of moisture inside and can lead to fogged lenses that will be driving you crazy.


3) Do not use paper products, your t-shirt, or ski gloves to clean your lenses. Let them air dry and use the bag they came in to gently remove smudges on the outside. The bag they came in is designed to protect them…use it!


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

4) Do not hang your goggles on the rearview mirror or dash of your car. These both seem like good places to dry things out, but this will inflict too much heat and sunlight on your precious goggles.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

5) Be aware of where you lay your goggles when you are taking a break in the lodge. Lay them on their side so as not to allow the lens to touch any surface, and to keep water from pooling on the inside.


There’s no bad weather, just bad gear. When you spend the money to have the gear, be sure to care for it. Being cautious will greatly extend the life of your goggles.

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Dalene studied Sociology and Communication at Boise State University, and graduated with a degree in Social Science December 2013. She currently works in sales and marketing, and writes for Snowbunnymag.com.