Introducing, BLONDI: taking skincare and hydrotherapy to the next level.

BLONDI at BLANC_Snow Bunny Mag Beauty Boise, Idaho organic skincare

The women of BLONDI: (left) Courtney King, (right) Sarah Thompson

Snow Bunny Mag is extremely excited to introduce you to a brand new bath and body skincare line, straight out of the backyards of Boise (figuratively and literally). The brand is called BLONDI, it has been a years-in-the-making process, and we couldn’t be more excited about it finally being available for year round purchase. For years, these delightful goodies were only available for purchase once a year; during an annual holiday party where local crafters and bakers would come together to sell their amazing goods, but now things have changed.

The company now has a brand and is founded by Boise locals, Sarah Thompson and Courtney King. Thompson, the flower and herb growing genius has partnered with King, who is a distinguished make-up and hair artist to offer you the most luxurious and savory skincare on the market. Thompson, who grows many of the ingredients in her very own backyard, wanted to put together a product that women can confidently use without the worry of adding harsh and dangerous chemicals to their skin. Much of today’s beauty products are riddled with cancer-causing carcinogens and ingredients and Thompson believes those things are unnecessary. All of BLONDI’s ingredients are organic, and they would know because they grow and make the stuff themselves. Any products they use outside of their own backyard they source from reputable organic companies such as Mountain Rose Herbs based out of Eugene, Oregon.

We asked which items they were most excited about this upcoming season, which was hard to choose, but Thompson said she was most excited about the Miracle Grains. The Miracle Grains are a blend of kaolin clay, green tea leaves, lavender, rose hip seed and more, combined to a fine powder that you can blend with water, oil, or honey to create the most uplifting exfoliating process. The “grains” really rejuvenate and energize the skin to create a bright complexion. Next on the list, and a personal favorite of Thompson’s, was the lip balm, especially for these harsh cold winter months. Weather can be brutal to your lips, BLONDI love lip balm has the perfect blend of moisture-rich ingredients, and the rose essential oil will have you swooning for more. One of the tried and true customer favorites are the BLONDI Bomb Bath Bombs! There are three types to try, depending on what your soaking needs require, and they are all amazing! The amazing scents will relax and calm any bath experience, or spice one up. The Goldy is perfect after those long, yet amazing, pow days on the hill!

BLANC with BLONDI_Snow Bunny Mag Beauty Boise, Idaho

BLONDI ‘Miracle Grains’

But seriously folks, we are not lying when we say this product is high-end quality and will leave you feeling like a rock star! With two of the best women behind the name, you couldn’t ask for a more reliable and superior product, and the prices are so reasonable for what you’re getting, ranging from $7.50 to $44. BLONDI believes that “our skin is our largest organ, so we should feed it well.” We agree! Check out their website and place your order at, trust us, you won’t be disappointed. This product gets two bunny ears up!

BLONDI Bath Bombs at BLANC_Snow Bunny Mag Beauty Boise, Idaho organic skincare

Featured: BLONDI Luxe Beauty Body Powder and BLONDI Bomb Bath Bombs

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