Return of The Onsies

Fashion is cyclical. We’ve seen bell bottoms, daisy dukes, leopard print and spandex all exit and re-enter the fashion scene over the years. Retro ski gear has been mocked at onesie ski suit parties and been a staple among many of the Jerry’s out there but, let’s talk about real comebacks with practical implications. We are talking about ski bibs, and yes, the ever-bold onesie.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

Ladies, what is more annoying than buttoning up your powder skirt before your first turns only to find it has ridden up your curves and found itself nestled just below your bra line within a matter of minutes? Powder skirts and hips don’t always play well together. It works for some, but not all. Once again, a design that won’t always fit a womanly figure.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

The solution? Bibs!


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

Let’s draw on an analogy that speaks to the wisdom of a woman who would seek out a cute onesie or pair of bibs to wear on those epic powder days. Haven’t we all gone out for a fancy night on the town in negative degree weather? Our smart lady friends rock tights or legging with those sexy dresses and we think, “That woman is smoking hot and intelligent.” Perhaps it is the same with bibs. They are simply the smart and practical option for keeping snow out of your nether regions on those extra deep pow days.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

There are several styles and fits when it comes to bibs, so try a few different types on and see what suits you best. There are full on coveralls and styles that sit just above the waist. Specially-located zippers can also be a plus to look for, as they can make dropping to pop-a-squat much more convenient.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

If you really want to simplify your powder days, go full on onesie.


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

Find one that fits your body, but isn’t too snug. We really have said goodbye to the tight ski pants of the 80’s. Ski fashion has gone through many phases over the decades but one thing has remained constant as of late-We are here to shred and our clothes are designed to make that easier and more comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look cute while doing it. No more tucking in your shirt,no more pants sagging, no more unnecessarily cold, wet butts. We have returned to an age of reason. Let us join the movement, ladies. All hail the return of bibs and onesies!


Photo by: Brittany Gerth

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