Street Style: Layering for Spring Weather

 The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, the sun is staying in the sky a little longer each day, and you have started to catch the spring fever.  No longer can you get away with your boots, jacket, and beanie uniform.  It’s time to shed some layers, and perhaps incorporate some new layering techniques.  Let’s not get overboard and go full on summertime apparel.  The transition from cold to hot is carefully mediated by a transitional season: Spring.  The delicate dance of springtime fashion brings to mind the music of sweet Katy Perry.  It’s hot and then cold, which makes you feel up and then down.  In fact, springtime can be succinctly summed up through the lyrics of that entire song.  Before we get all pop music-lyrics-interpretive on you, let’s lay down the basic law of spring fashion:  Thou must never leave home without some basic layers!

The best arsenal against the erratic weather of a changing season includes just a few key items:

1)  Opaque leggings

This means no one can see your whale tail through your pants.

2)  Loose tank top or t-shirt

Think band t’s, basic prints, something with an ethnic flair that says, “I may have bought this in Costa Rica this past summer or I may have bought it at Urban Outfitters last week.”  All good options.

3)  Beanie or hat

What your Beanie Says About You

4)  Solid colored cardigan

Trust us, it is tempting to buy the cute cardigan with unicorns and dragons printed on it, but this will not serve you as a basic layer!  Program the acronym, “KISS” in your brain:  Keep It Simple & Sassy.

5)  Lightweight jacket

Pleather or jean jackets work great.  Consider the length for layering.  Longer jackets allow for more layering options, as cropped jackets can leave your duster-length cardigan looking like a weird backwards apron hanging out.

6)  Simple dress

Summer dress, tunic style, a-line, empire waist area  few style options.  Keep it basic.

7)  Puffy stuff jacket

This is key!  Perfect for that morning hike, and easily stuffs into a large purse.  Patagonia and North Face have some great options.

8)  Scarf

So many choices here!  From infinity scarves to pashminas, this is the area to splurge.  You can where the same pants and jacket every day for a week, but mix up your scarves and no one would know.

Now, back to how Katy Perry fits into the equation:

“Cause you’re hot then you’re cold”

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Mornings are cold and afternoons can be hot.  A loose tank top or t-shirt, layered perfectly under your light weight jacket, along with something on your head, will allow you to transition from hot to cold with out having to remove any heavy items that you’ll have to worry about packing around with you all day.

“You’re yes then you’re no”

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Yes to a beanie, and no to a jacket.  This makes bad hair days obsolete and is only acceptable in spring.  Take advantage.

“You’re in then you’re out”

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Jackets can be too warm for indoors, but having bare arms can be too cold for outdoors.  The perfect solution?  A cardigan.  Grab yourself a simple cardigan in a couple of solid colors.  It would be wise to make one of those colors black because it works with everything.  This way you can easily transition from in and out of doors.

“You’re up then you’re down”

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A cardigan may warm you up when you are indoors, but let you down when you step outside.  In this case, layer up with a scarf.  It’s a great way to get some extra warmth without too much bulk, and can change an entire look.

“You’re wrong when it’s right”

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If wearing a dress over leggings is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.  Sometimes it’s just too cold and your legs are just too pale after that long winter.  Leggings allow you to throw on that dress regardless.

“It’s black and it’s white”

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Black and white: those colors look great together.  Just make sure to throw in a pop of color with your beanie or scarf choice because it is springtime after all!

“We fight, we break up”

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Sometimes the sun is kissing your skin and you feel like summer is just around the corner, and then temperatures drop.  This is where the puffy stuff jacket is amazing.  Keep this item handy for your morning hikes, stuff it away for mid-day, and pull it out again in the evening.

“We kiss, we make up”

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With the perfect layering options, you will be able to handle whatever the weather gods throw your way, and then no one can rain on your parade!

And if it does rain…make sure to carry an umbrella.  Consider this the first amendment.

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