Introducing, BLONDI: taking skincare and hydrotherapy to the next level.

BLANC with BLONDI_Snow Bunny Mag Beauty Boise, Idaho

Snow Bunny Mag is extremely excited to introduce you to a brand new bath and body skincare line, straight out of the backyards of Boise (figuratively and literally). The brand is called BLONDI, it has been a years-in-the-making process, and we couldn’t be more excited about it finally being available for year round purchase. For […]

Choosing the Perfect Holiday Dress for Your Body

snowbunny holiday dress 1

 Photo: Sunny Daze Photography // Wardrobe Provided by: RAG Boutique // Wardrobe: Tanya Carnahan // Hair Stylist: Chad Robinson The holidays are just around the corner, and there will be parties! Do you wait until the last minute, and run to the store looking for a basic black dress, because you aren’t quite sure what […]