About Us

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Snow Bunny Magazine exists to encourage girls to live without limitations!  We believe that lifetime sports are more than a hobby, that through them we build character, health, strength, and passion for life.   We believe that by portraying women based on their strengths and abilities, we provide a healthy role model for the next generation of girls and will make a positive impact on our society.

The Mission Of Snow Bunny Magazine is to:

Cover Women’s Outdoor Sports and Lifestyle in a way that promotes healthy and stylish living, a healthy body image, and recognizes women for their uniqueness, contributions, and talents.

Educate Women through articles and hands-on experience to be independent, confident, and self-reliant.

Involve Women in the Snow Bunny Mission through opportunities to participate in adventures, volunteer on community projects, and be an inspiration to the next generation.

Create Community and work for the progression of women’s sports through volunteer work, hosting events, and encouraging women to get out there and do what they love.