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Ladies Night Out, Midwest Style!

Local doesn’t only mean Idaho anymore! You can now find some awesome Snow Bunnies in the Midwest. These ladies are passionate about living life in the outdoors. If you ever decide to visit the Minneosta/Wisconsin boarder, you are going to want to seek out the Midwest Bunnies. They are on a mission to get women […]

SBM Ride Day at Brundage Mountain

Brundage mountain is without a doubt a favorite location of the Idaho Snow Bunnies, who are always looking for a good shred session.   On February 25th, 2017, both bunnies and jack rabbits took part in a Brundage take over with skiers and snowboarders of every ability looking for a good time. Click here to join us […]

Telluride SFS Qualifiers 2015

Ashley Gregg Do you have a favorite inspirational quote/saying/mantra that you are willing to share with our readers? “Go fast, take chances.” That quote crosses my mind quite often.   If given the chance, what would you want to say to your mom/dad before dropping in for your qualifying run? I would tell mom and […]