Do the Subaru Freeride Series in Style


Get Stoked

Load the car to the gills in preparation for the marathon drive to the next stop on the Subaru Freeride Series. Make sure to pack down the ski gear to watch for coppers looking to catch you speeding in excitement. Fill every cup and thermos full of coffee and drive.

Document the Journey

No epic road trip should go undocumented. With a little finagling of tumbleweeds and a camera timer app, you can make sure to get the carload of peeps in every picture.

Establish Residence

Although Siri will guide you to your rented condo’s doorstep, make sure to watch for the many speed bumps and gapers that litter CondoLand. They are easy to miss when in awe of the majestic mountains of the image of exploring Telluride, Colorado, Explore, Subaru Freeride Series


We know that you pack like a girl too so after you’re done dragging the multitude of bags inside, throw on your Uggs and head out to explore your new found territory. Starbucks within walking distance, check. Bars and shops within a snowball throwing distance, check. All the comforts of home within a gondola ride, check.

Contact Natives

For just the first few laps you may not want to fake having your headphones on too loud to hear your chairlift partner. Make local friends to help you find the powder stashes that haven’t already been played out by the weekend warriors.

Hitching, Telluride, Whitney Chandler, Subaru Freeride SeriesFamiliarize Yourself

Look over the area’s ski map the night you arrive. Try to avoid mystery cat tracks that find you hitchhiking outside the resort. Major shout out to the Starburst colored tree gnomes at Telluride that helped these bunnies find their way back to the trails!

Join Forces

Make sure to hook up with the rowdy athletes for a chance to chase them down steep and speedy groomers and the rollercoaster rides through the trees. Make sure to say your snow prayers on every lift ride up. Sing and dance for the snow goddesses, pray for powder!

Claim Territory

Find your favorite bar and stake your claim. This is a great time for champagne induced shenanigans at 11,000 feet. Bust out your human pyramids, cartwheels and back flips to entertain the locals who will feed you shots of tequila to provoke a further scene of debauchery for their enjoyment. No need for glasses or looking classy, sip that wine straight from the image of Subaru Freeride Series, Telluride, Bon Vivant, Beach

Enjoy the Nightlife

There is a reason that the local hot spots have a three hour wait. Don’t opt out for pizza but use it as an excuse to bust out the high heels you packed and have a night on the town. Follow the locals to the packed danky bar and order the ridiculously overpriced drink that is going to have your head pounding in the morning. There is bound to be a kickass jam band or bluegrass band playing somewhere in town. Seek them out and show those mountain boys your best bluegrass bob and shuffle!

an image of Spectating, Subaru Freeride Series, Telluride, ColoradoBe a Spectator

Although you will be nursing your hangover from the night before, make sure you don’t forget to slather on sunscreen while watching the comp. As the competitors are hucking themselves off cliffs and throwing back flips kindly show your appreciation with a few hoots and hollers. Sip a cold beer on your “sno-fa” but hold back from too many pulls off the community whiskey bottle to avoid a sketchy ride back to the base. On the inevitable last night, check out the award ceremony and congratulate the amazing athletes. Attend the after party, dance up a storm and kiss this round of the tour goodbye.

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